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Uttaranchal Institute of Technology conducted a ‘Faculty Development Programme (FDP)’ on June 13, 2017 for promoting Research Publications by Faculty Members. The topic of this FDP was “Publishing a Good Research Paper.”  This ‘Faculty Development Program’ was an initiative taken by Dean Academics Affairs & Director UIT Dr. N.K. Joshi. Dr. Joshi opened this session by highlighting the relevance of academic research and motivating the faculty members to actively engage themselves in research and publication of research papers. He explained in detail the benefits that a faculty member can avail by having a strong publication record in reputed Journals indexed in Scopus/SCI. Dr. N.K. Joshi laid the roadmap for the entire faculty to follow during the upcoming session and told them candidly that every faculty member must strive to publish at least one research paper in reputed and Scopus indexed journals. Mr. Manoj Diwakar and Dr. Anchit Bijwan of CSE department gave detailed talks, discussing every single aspect that needs to be taken care of while preparing the research papers. They also cited multiple examples to elaborate upon the nuances of research paper writing.  These Resource Persons of the FDP discussed the steps that are required to be followed while developing a research idea into a research problem and then transforming it into a systematically arranged research paper. Special emphasis was laid on following appropriate method of citing references and on determining the impact factor of a journal.  These presentations were followed by another presentation given by the Chief Librarian of Uttaranchal University, Mr. N.C. Uniyal.  Mr. Uniyal gave a detailed account of all the facilities provided by University Library for researchers. He explained about on-line resources and open-access Journals that are available in the Library and taught the faculty members about the procedure to access the same while writing research papers.  This FDP session turned out to be a very fruitful experience for the entire Faculty of UIT and boosted their morale for publishing research papers in Scopus/SCI indexed Journals.

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