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The School of Agriculture (SOA) organised a Faculty Orientation Programme for its newly joined faculty members on 10 August 2022. The objective of this programme was to make new faculty members aware of the functioning of the University and SOA. Dr Rajendra Prasad, HoD SOA welcomed the faculty members and told the Code of Conduct. He spoke on leave-taking procedures, varied committees and clubs at University and department level with their functioning. He emphasized the strength of the feedback system and research. Later Dr Atin Kumar spoke on the ERP system with the marking of attendance, fetching of timetable, uploading of study material etc. in detail. Dr Neha Saini PG Degree Programme Coordinator gave the briefing on the PG programme running at present. She also took the quote of Women Cell and its functioning. Afterwards, Dr Rachna Juyal UG Degree Programme Coordinator spoke on the Cultural & Events Committee, Students Disciplinary Committee and other documents like Course Files, Attendance Registers etc. in brief to the new members of SOA. At the end Mr Jayanti Ballabh, Coordinator Exam Cell, SOA briefed on the existence and functioning of Exam Cell, SOA. He spoke about various duties and responsibilities during exams. The session was really worthy for all the new members.

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