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The School of Liberal Arts organised the fourth session of its International Lecture Series-2022 on 29 April 2022. Dr Helaine Marshall, Professor of Education and Director of Language Education Programs, Long Island University, Hudson was the speaker for the session. She was virtually welcomed by Dr Shravan Kumar, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts. The topic chosen for that session was ‘Creating An Innovative Space in Online Settings- Access, Motivation, Participation and Ownership’. To attribute more human factors to the increasing use of technology, and to undertake research through this medium more interesting, Dr Helaine talked of the need to create ‘fertile spaces’ for learning. To create such conditions, she recommended the implementation of 4 Es, which stand for Equity, Enrichment, Engagement and Empowerment. The discussion was then followed up by a precise summary by Dr Anubhuti, the moderator for the session, who also invited questions from the audience. The vote of thanks was proposed by the coordinator Ms Paridhi Joshi, SLA.

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