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UIM celebrated Fresher’s Party on September 19, 2016, in the Uttaranchal University auditorium. The auditorium was tastefully decorated. The event started at 12 (Noon). From among the dignitaries, our Chancellor Shri. Jitendra Joshi, Vice Chairperson Mrs. Anuradha Joshi, Vice Chancellor Prof.(Dr.) S.C. Joshi, Director (SA and IT) Dr. Abhishek Joshi, Principal Law College Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna, CEO Examination Mr. K.B.Pokhriyal,  Principal Politechnic Dr. S.K. Shah, Administrative Officer Mr. Rajeev Kukreti, Chief Librarian Mr. Nirmal Uniyal and Director UIM Prof (Dr.) Pradeep Suri graced the occasion.

The event started with Ganesha Puja by Ms. Shivani Negi of BBA. She danced brilliantly and at the end of her performance presented a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha to our Chancellor Shri. Jitendra Joshi.

First of all, two professional mimicry artists entertained the audiences. After that, there was a wonderful orchestra performance by management students followed by a group song by management and IT students Krishna Dutta, Amandeep and Nikhil together. On the top it, there was a super dance performance by Shivam Singh and Ishwar from MBA.  

Then started the much awaited introductory Ramp Walk by our freshers from management department followed by ‘Questions round and showcase talent round.’ Then Krishna sang a solo song again for the entertainment of all. Then arrived the king item i.e. Bhangra.

Now it was time for introductory Ramp Walk by our IT freshers succeeded by ‘Questions and showcase talent round’. Then Shubham Bhatt from BBA performed a rap on Nirbhaya case. Finally, Nikhil and Srishti sang a melodious duet.

Winners:   Miss Fresher IT :  Vibha from BCA.

Mr. Fresher IT :  Bipin Singh Airre from MCA

Miss Fresher Management :  Meenakshi from MBA

Mr. Fresher Management :  Saurav Dhaka from MBA

Miss. Spark of the Eve :  Vrinda from MBA

Mr. Spark of the Eve :  Shivam Mamgai from BBA

Chancellor Shri. Jitendra Joshi awarded a sum of Rupees one thousand one hundred to Mehak of MBA for her creativity in making invitation cards.

Finally, Dr. Pradeep Suri, Director UIM thanked all the dignitaries, faculty members and the students for a successful execution of the function.



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