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Re-union Image 2This is a stuff that dreams and fictions are made of but when it happens in real life it becomes an epoch making moment. This happened yesterday when the Bharat Ratna Dr C.N.R.Rao met his , pupil Dr Vijay Raj an alumni of IIT- Kanpur ,after a lapse of over forty years in DehraDun at Dr. Rao’s felicitation ceremony organized by Indian Institute of Petroleum . This was a proud and emotional moment for Dr Vijay Raj, Director of UIT to meet his ‘Guru’ , Dr. C.N. R.Rao , the distinguished and renowned   Chemist of India. Dr .Rao was overjoyed to see his student who had excelled in his academics while pursuing his B.Tech .Civil Engg course at IIT-Kanpur and won gold medal , dong exceptionally well in his career also .Dr Vijay Raj was overwhelmed to meet his mentor and considers this a god sent opportunity.

Nothing gives a teacher more happiness than to see his student thriving in life. They spent some precious time reminiscing about the days at IIT-Kanpur and discussed the latest research being done in the field of Chemistry. Dr. Ajay Singh the Head f Department of Chemistry   and Mrs. Rao were also present at this occasion..


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