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In the restaurant industry, Gueridon service is the cooking or finishing of foods by a waiter at the diner’s table, typically from a special serving cart called a guéridon trolley. The Gueridon service is known for its uniqueness, in that food is partly prepared and finished in front of the guest. This kind of service demands highly skilled people to prepare as well as in a restaurant it would optimize revenue to a greater extent. This service is more personalized and guest centric. Flambéing is finishing a dish with flaring, by the addition of spirit or wine.

The students of BHM 4th Semester of Hospitality Club under the guidance of Prof (Dr) Pradeep Suri, Dean, UIM, Mr Manish Badoni, HOD Hotel Management Associate Professor and Surendra Singh Bhakuni, Assistant Professor conducted a session on Gueridon service and Flambéing on 13th April 2022 in the F&B Training Restaurant.  At the beginning of the session, students learned about the basics of Gueridon service, and its advantages and skills required by the service staff for the service as in this type of service, the cooking is done in the restaurant in front of the guest. Later students were given an opportunity to prepare Crêpes Suzette (a French dessert) and a Mojito (mocktail) by themselves. The dishes prepared embarked upon the gastronomic culture and tradition of their area of origin.

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