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An Orientation Programme for the new students of Uttaranchal Institute of Management was organised on 23rd August 2016 in UIM Seminar Hall. The function was graced by our Hon’ble Chancellor Shri. Jitendra Joshi, the Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr.) S.C. Joshi, UIM Director Dr. Pradeep Suri, Director(SA & IT) – Dr. Abhishek Joshi, Director (HR & CR) – MS. Ankita Joshi and our faculty members apart from the new students of UIM.
The programme began with the felicitation of Hon’ble Chancellor Mr. Jitender Joshi by the Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) S.C.Joshi.
First of all, Director UIM Prof. (Dr) PradeepSuri apprised the new comers about the rules regarding strict observance of discipline by them. He cautioned them that indiscipline of any kind will not be tolerated. However, If the students have any genuine grievance, they should contact either their Class Co-ordinator or HOD or the Director himself. Their genuine grievances will be redressed appropriately by the institute.
He further informed that our institute is a ragging-free zone. Any student facing ragging must immediately contact the higher authorities. A suitable action will be initiated against the guilty students. He also stressed that all students must invariably maintain a minimum attendance level of 75% in all of their subjects, failing which, they may be detained in all the attendance-deficient subjects. He motivated the students to attain great heights in their career by quoting the example of Warren Buffet, who is among the first five richest persons in the world.
He also elaborated upon a cycle of “Learning; Unlearning and Relearning.” He said, first they ought to sincerely learn what is taught to them in the institute and when they join corporate world, there the environment might be quite different from their academic learning. That is when they ought to ‘unlearn’ to that extent what they learnt here. Finally, they should ‘relearn’ as per the specific needs of the corporate world.
Thereupon, our Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) S.C.Joshi. exhorted the students to make the best use of the learning opportunity spread before them. He asked them to be inquisitive and seek explanation to their doubts in the subject from the concerned faculty. Our faculty is capable enough to remove their doubts and address their queries appropriately. This practice will make students and faculty both attain higher levels in academics. He further said that students must seek information on functioning of the stock exchanges and the changes in Stock Index, Appreciation and Depreciation in different currencies and the functioning of prices in the market, and for any doubts, they must consult their faculty. That’s how their knowledge will grow faster. He further said that time is the greatest gift of life, so don’t waste it in any worthless activities and utilise their time most judiciously. Time once lost can never be recovered. He also advised them that they can enhance their time by getting up early, by avoiding too much TV and WhatsApp etc, and use time so created most productively for their own success. They should develop excellent communication skills, leadership qualities, diligence and self confidence.
In his presidential address, Hon’ble Chancellor Shri. Jitendra Joshi implored the students that by opting Uttaranchal University, they have taken a right step. The university will fulfill their expectations from it. He assured the students that a number of reputed companies are going to visit our campus. Now it is incumbent upon the students to prove themselves worthy of selection by them. They must grow in all areas to get good placements. He further told that students must make best use of the facilities provided by the University. He also asked them to be generally careful in life and drive safely on the roads to avoid any harm to themselves.
From the faculty, Dean-UIM, Dr. D.S. Choubey, HOD(Management) – Mr. Dev Kant Kala, HOD(IT) – Mrs. Sonal Sharma, Mr. V.K.Tangri, Mrs. Ambica Prakash Mani, Mr. Ravinder Rawat and Ms. Pooja Kanojia among others were present on the occasion.
The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. (Dr.)PradeepSuri who thanked all the dignitaries, faculty and the students for enriching the occasion.


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