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Uttaranchal Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences celebrated the National Science Day on 28th February 2022 by organizing an International Webinar. The International Webinar was organized on the theme “Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”. Dr Arif Nur Muhammad Ansori, Expert Researcher in Virology, Airlangaa University, Surabaya, Indonesia, graced the occasion as the Guest Speaker. Dr Vikash Jakhmola, Dean, UIPS welcomed the Guest Speaker and the participants and gave a detailed introduction of the speaker and his valuable contribution in the field of Virology and Cancer. He highlighted the importance of the National Science Day and role of the Scientist and Researcher in the field.

Dr Arif Ansori, the Guest Speaker welcomed all the participants and congratulated them on National Science Day. He started his talk on the topic “Potential of Newcastle Disease virus against Cancer: A Virotherapy Approach ”. He discussed strategies on Genetic Diversity of NDV, as well as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery or association of these strategies for new approach for oncolytic viruses. These oncolytic viruses can provide an important boost to the immune system and enhance the effectiveness of other immunotherapies. He further explained the Epidemiology of NDV in India, NDV outbreaks are largely neglected for their severity and impact on the poultry producers in India. Regular NDV outbreaks have been reported in different parts of India.

Dr Ansuri said there are over 100 clinical trials looking at different viruses, cancers, doses, routes and administrations. At present, naturally or developed through genetic engineering viruses, are currently under investigation in clinical studies.  Several viruses herpesvirus, adenovirus, vaccinia virus, measles virus, coxsackievirus, polio virus, Newcastle disease virus, and more are under study. The webinar was attended by more than 250 attendees including faculties and students of different Institutes. The session ended with the questions and answers. The webinar was well coordinated by Dr Tarun Parashar, Associate Professor, Dr Ankit Sharma, Assistant Professor and vote of thanks was presented by Dr Amit Semwal, Associate Professor UIPS. Dr Vikash Jakhmola congratulated all the faculty of UIPS for making the webinar successful.

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