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International Collaborations_IMG_0810To fulfill the mission statement of the Uttaranchal University to Provide an effective outreach programs that accelerates the technology growth and extends educational opportunity for the youth in the nation and the world, the International Collaboration Division of the Uttaranchal University is closely working to develop scientific, technological and academic co-operations with Governments of different countries./Universities/Institutions/ Industries.

Uttaranchal University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the ‘Education Department’, Republic of Iraq for the implementation of Cultural, Educational and Scientific Cooperation in the following areas:

  • Collaborative research and education programs.
  • Exchange and study over -seas programs for the students, faculty and staff.
  • Developing curriculum of international relevance.
  • Sharing of latest technologies, exchange of Administrative and Personnel experiences.
  • New methods of management through extension and other programs.
  • Mutual linguistic enhancement programs.
  • Organization and participation in symposia, seminar, conference and other such outlets for the dissemination of joint project.
  • Exchange of information and Cultural exchange in the field of interest of both the countries.
  • Exchange of academic material of mutual interest i.e. scholarly publications, curriculum information and pertinent research reports.
  • Social projects.
  • Joint projects.
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