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peace-1The Universal Peace Federation (UDF) a Korean organization having special consultative status with Social and Economic Council of the United Nations, held an international Peace leadership conference of the Indian Chapter in the University. The theme of the conference was “Building Nations of Peace: Our shared Responsibility.”

A delegation of ten  members  led by Dr. Chung Sik Young ,the Regional Chair for Universal Peace Federation and Dr. Robert S. Kettel, Director of Education UDF – Asia .

The speakers spoke on the importance of building peace in the world. The origin of peaceful co-existence comes from family values; family being the smallest unit ingrains in the human mind the virtues of sacrifice, love and respect, which become the character defining traits.

The Chancellor of Uttaranchal University, Mr. Jitender Joshi and the Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr) S.C. Joshi were conferred the Ambassadors of Peace award. This award is given to people, who exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of others and who have dedicated themselves to the practice of promoting universal moral values.

The high light of the event was the patriotic songs like, “Banda Matram ..” and “Sara Jehan sa achha Hindustan Hamara” sung by the Japanese girls , the  members of the delegation.






















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