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न चोरहार्यं न च राजहार्यं न भ्रातृभाज्यं न च भारकारी । व्यये कृते वर्धते एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधन प्रधानम् ॥

I take this pleasant opportunity to urge and welcome the students to embrace the Uttaranchal University family, an institution that inculcates deep moral values and imparts education with exemplary consistency in its endeavour to encourage and induce the younger generation to stride as successful professionals and leaders in their well-cherished chosen spheres.

Education is the passport to the future and experiential learning is an enhancer for those who are trained by educators with sheer expertise, which we at Uttaranchal University believe, is the key differentiator for efficient and effective learning.

Nurturing the potential of the young minds in a manner, whereby noesis remains even after the lessons learned are forgotten, continues to be an arduous and ambitious dream of every one of us. Viewing this in proper perspective, we wish to accomplish the same through our multi-disciplinary & experiential learning programs framed in an innovative curriculum, amalgamating the traditional modes of imparting education with modern tools of information technology and communication in a state of the art infrastructure which is subjected to incessant improvement, to match the dynamics of technological innovations.

We possess a progressive vision to develop a Centre of Excellence through our enterprising & engaging programs with an objective to provide experiential learning that enhances the holistic effectiveness and efficiency of our students with societal, cultural and market sensitivities in the real-time world.

Uttaranchal University is a dynamic institution of higher learning which has taken a quantum leap since its inception with the inclusion of new disciplines of learning under its wider periphery in the fields of Law, Engineering, Management, Information Technology, Humanities, Applied Sciences, Agriculture, Pharmacology, Journalism, Mass Communication, Hospitality Management and Liberal Arts. As a natural corollary, our institution inhering a vibrant epistemological-cum-physical architecture is recognized as one of the top-ranked universities of the country.

Students from all the States of the Union of India as well as from across the globe inhabit this University and the university also does not leave any stone unturned to positively accommodate their nostalgic sensitivities. The various societies & clubs are a quintessential part of the university that promotes besides sports and academics, cultural, environmental, societal and political initiatives with emphases on nation-building, citizen-building and state- building.

Success-oriented students always plan for a tomorrow and that tomorrow can be yours if you prepare for it today.

I wish our students the very best and assure them of having a unique & ubiquitous learning experience at Uttaranchal University.

Professor Dharam Buddhi


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