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USCS has organized an International Webinar on “Advance Persistent Threat (APT) and Protection Mechanism” on 24 August 2022. The Speaker of the day was Dr Nachaat A Mohamed, Assistant Professor from Homeland Security at Rebdan Academy, UAE. The Event was moderated by Mr Abhishek Kumar Pathak, Assistant Professor, USCS, he welcomed the dignitaries, Dr Nachaat and Prof (Dr) Sonal Sharma Dean, USCS as well as all faculty members and the students from the several USCS programmes BCA, B Sc IT and MCA.

Prof (Dr) Sonal Sharma, Dean, USCS inaugurated the event with a welcome note to all and highlighted the significance of cyber security and the latest malicious tools as well. The speaker of the webinar talked about the APT Life cycle in detail. Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a general term that refers to sophisticated and persistent efforts to breach a computing device or network. He also focused on various types of cyber attacks that are often targeted at a specific resource or user and perpetrated by very capable and well-funded attackers (for example government organizations). APT attacks can employ various attack tools and techniques that exploit known or zero-day vulnerabilities, including infected media, supply chain compromise, and social engineering.

Over 200 students of MCA, BCA and B Sc (IT) attended the same. Later, the session was concluded by Prof (Dr) Sonal Sharma, Dean, USCS, and Mr Abhishek Kumar Pathak proposed a vote of thanks.

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