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The real essence of learning is not bound only to classrooms but extends beyond the premises of any educational institution through the effective use of Information and Communication Technology. Sustainability is one of the buzzwords in the 21st Century which is going to transform the way businesses are operated across the globe due to environmental degradation. To have a conceptual understanding of sustainability, Uttaranchal Institute of management, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun organised an International webinar titled ‘Corporate Sustainability’ on 31st March, 2022 at 12:30 pm for the students of Final Year Undergraduate Students and Post Graduate Students of Management of UIM. The International webinar had a count of 200 participants in all.

Ms Mia Negru CRO, Builders 2030, Denmark was the resource person for the webinar. Master of Ceremony, Dr Rajeev Kumar, Associate Professor UIM, welcomed all the dignitaries and introduced the audience and participants of the event.

Prof (Dr) Pradeep Suri, Dean, UIM welcomed Ms Mia Negru and encouraged students to participate in such an event to enhance their knowledge in the practical domain of Sustainability and SDGs which has become a challenge for Organizations in today’s era of environmentalism amongst companies and to drive a truly sustainable and resilient future.

Ms Mia Negru started her session by highlighting that climate change is a result of human activity and 77% of CO2 from GreenHouse Gas is man-made. Almost 90% of all the employees are not involved in the sustainability strategy, the employees have no idea about sustainability about how they should act to create impact. Ms Mia also talked about the 2030 builder’s platform where she highlighted what employees and stakeholders contribute to bringing change. Ms Mia highlighted that individual learning; collaborative training Delivering Missions and Joining Communities would go a long way in realising the SDGs. Ms Mia shared her experientially driven suggestions of anchoring sustainability strategy, Communicate Goals and KPIs, Goal Prediction and Comparison and collecting of ideas and taking corrective actions. She also briefed about some good practices which are being followed by European countries.

The session was a success under continuous guidance given by Prof (Dr) Pradeep Suri, Dean, UIM and the ardent efforts of the UIM faculty members. The webinar was concluded by way of a vote of thanks proposed by Dr Megha Aggarwal HoD, UIM on behalf of all members of the UIM. The session was well received and appreciated by all the attendees.

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