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Law College Dehradun inaugurates spectacularly its 2nd Edition of Model United Nations & Youth Parliament “Shabdarth 2.0”

Law College Dehradun Inagurates spectacularly its 2nd edition of Model United Nations & Youth Parliament - Shabdarth 2.0

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out…. –Robert Collier

Law College Dehradun inaugurated its 2nd Edition of Model United Nations & Youth Parliament “Shabdarth 2.0” on 16th November, 2019 in a spectacular way. The event saw more than 100 participants thronging from different parts of the state. Hon’ble MLA Mr. Munna Singh Chauhan, a politician, four times MLA, two times Uttarakhand Member of the Legislative Assembly from the Vikasnagar Constituency in Dehradun District, was the Chief Guest of the occasion, while reverent Chancellor Shri. Jitender Joshi, Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) N.K. Joshi and Director – Student Affairs and IT Services Dr. Abhishek Joshi were the Guests of Honour. The event commenced with the ritual of Lamp Lighting Ceremony by the guests along with Principal & Dean Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna, HOD Dr. Poonam Rawat and Chairperson Dr. Razit Sharma. This was followed by the recital of the University Kulgeet. Thereafter Hon’ble Chancellor felicitated the Chief Guest with an auspicious bamboo sapling and a memento.

Principal & Dean Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna, at the outset, welcomed the Chief Guest and introduced him to the gathering. He talked about his academic life, achievements and also lauded him by comparing him to Austin. Like Austin, Mr. Munna has also changed various career paths. Mr. Munna Singh Chauhan, a renowned politician is a four time MLA in Uttarakhand from the Vikasnagar Constituency in Dehradun District. He also held reputed positions like Panel Chairman in U.P. Vidhan Sabha – 1991-2000 U.P. Vidhan Sabha, Member of Library Research Committee of U.P. Vidhan Sabha, Member of Questions & Reference Committee of U.P. Vidhan Sabha, Member of Commonwealth Parliament Association (CPA), Panel Chairman of Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha 2000-2002, Member of Select Committee of Lokayukt Bill of Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha to mention a few. Besides this he also delivers lectures at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy, Mussoorie (commonly known as IAS Academy), U.P. Police Academy in Moradabad etc. from time to time. Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna welcomed the participants and assured them that they would gain some cherishable moments, memories and knowledge which would be etched in their memory forever.

The Chief Guest Mr. Munna Singh Chauhan, addressing the gathering, gave an enlightening speech. He talked about how every person is unique in his/her qualities and it is vital to keep up the individuality of a person for one’s own development. His discourse threw light on sustainable development, a vast topic discussed in the United Nations, where he also quoted Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “Mother Earth can fulfil your needs and not your greeds.” Speaking on law, he insisted that it is the responsibility of the youth to put forth ingenious ideas and solutions to carve a future for the nation. India being the largest democratic nation, he emphasised that the people of the nation are the supreme power as the preamble ensures justice, liberty, equality to all the citizens of India and promotes fraternity among the people. He concluded his speech by wishing all the participants luck and good wishes.

Following this the Secretary General of ‘Shabdarth’ Mr. Sahil Thakur officially declared the conference open. The Opening Ceremony ended with the official photo session of both the committees with the Hon’ble Chief Guest and other dignitaries.

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