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One-day Awareness Training Programme on IPR (Intellectual Property rights) was organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India at Law College Dehradun on 20 April 2022. Mr. Shailendra Singh, an A Grade Gazetted Officer, Examiner of Patents and Design, Examination of International Search, Examiner of International Preliminary Examining Authority, New Delhi was the keynote speaker of the day, while Hon’ble Chancellor Shri. Jitender Joshi and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dharam Buddhi were the Chief Guests of the occasion.

The event began with the felicitation of the guest and ceremonial lighting of the lamp and the University kulgeet. Prof. Rajesh Bahuguna, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Law College Dehradun, in his inaugural address, elaborated on the inventions of the nation since the Vedic age. He later insisted that research and inventions should not be confined to a particular field and that it should spring from every field with great utility. Vice-Chancellor in his address proudly stated that Uttaranchal University has taken up research and innovation as a mission to be taken to the UG and PG level scholars as well.

The technical session was taken over by Mr. Singh, who geared up the session with the statement that India is moving towards a capitalist economy by encouraging start-ups and innovations. He lucidly explained to the young minds the vitality of registering innovation and creativity to commercialise IP, which may help people find their niche. Mr. Singh brilliantly defined innovation as “solving challenges in a technical and fresh way.” He continued the discussion by using real-life examples to demonstrate the many facets of Intellectual Property Rights. He emphasized the inextricable link between law and business, as well as the importance of intellectual property as a corporate tool in today’s environment. With the help of numerous well-cited cases, he also underlined the downsides of not safeguarding one’s idea. The fact that IP plays an important role in the ease of doing business in India, and that it has a promising future was well explained through his presentations. The different branches of IPR like patents, trademarks, intellectual property and copyrights were also discussed. During the discussion, he skilfully used the example of a well-known inventor, George Alfred De Penning, to illustrate the importance of Intellectual Property Rights. Later on he also elucidated the details of patent filing and procedure including the fee details in India and the career opportunities. The latter half of the event had the keynote speaker taking up doubts and queries of all the participants.

Dr. Shikha Uniyal Gairola, accorded the vote of gratitude at the end of this enlightening session and the event was smoothly anchored by Manika Joshi, the student coordinator.

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