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Law College Dehradun, faculty of Uttaranchal University Dehradun had a virtual Alumni Meet on March 5, 2022. The event was to foster a sense of community among alumni, while supporting a sense of connectedness back to their alma mater. The Alumni meet started at 3:30 pm on online mode as planned by the committee and was attended by more than 100 participants including the Hon’ble Chancellor of the University Shri Jitender Joshi, Director of Student Affairs & IT services, Dr Abhishek Joshi, Vice- Chancellor of the University, Prof Dharam Buddhi, Pro Vice- Chancellor of the University and Dean of Law College Dehradun, Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna), Dean Student Welfare, Prof Shravan Kumar.

Ms Pooja Ghosh, the event’s moderator, opened the proceedings by welcoming the distinguished guests of the hour and extending her humble invitation to Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna. Dr Bahuguna expressed his delight and endowed his blessings on the entire alumni in attendance. He also spoke of the changes that have occurred in the University and Law College Dehradun in recent years, particularly the achievement of NAAC A+ status. Dr. Bahuguna also took pride in announcing that the alumni of Law College Dehradun can be found in almost every court across the nation. The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor blessed the students in their own unique ways.  Prof Dharam Buddhi, the University’s Vice-Chancellor, conveyed the University’s hopes from the alumni. He spoke to the crowd with sincerity about the need for “kind-cash” and “pecuniary” assistance from the alumni.  Hon’ble Chancellor Shri.  Jitendra Joshi, who is recognised for being a man of action rather than words, congratulated the students, particularly for meeting the benchmark of being the first and only university in Uttarakhand to achieve NAAC A+ accreditation. As a humble gesture, the chancellor stood up from his chair and wished the alumni well in their career to move up in life and keep smiling.

The Alumni, Mr Jivesh Jha, a Nepalese judicial officer, and Ms Sneha Jeetay, a lawyer in Ireland then took turns to convey their feelings. Mr Jivesh Jha thanked the University and the college profusely. He even went so far as to suggest that when delivering court rulings, he consults notes written under the supervision of the professors at Law College Dehradun. Ms Sneha Jeetay, on the other hand, shared her experiences both inside and outside of Uttaranchal University and Law College Dehradun. Mr. Kumar Ashutosh, Asst. Professor of Political Science, Law College Dehradun then expressed his delight at the students’ accomplishments.The moderator, Ms Pooja Ghosh, proposed the vote of thanks.

Under the supervision of a specially constituted committee, which included Prof (Dr) Poonam Rawat, Head, LCD,  Dr Vaibhav Uniyal, Coordinator, Ms Pooja Ghosh,  Coordinator, Mr Kumar Ashutosh, Mr Anil Dixit, Mr Kuljeet Singh, Mr Amber Srivastava, Dr Jitendra Singh, Mr Abhiranjan Dixit, Dr V Bhuvaneswari, Mr Ujjawal Kumar, Dr Anjum Parvez, Mr Amit Kumar, Dr Lakshmi Priya, Dr Radhey Shyam Jha, Mr Naresh Semwal, the event turned out to be a successful one.

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