Law College Dehradun Organized Debate on the Legality of Euthanasia

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Law College Dehradun Faculty of Uttaranchal University under Aegis of its Debating Society organized a Debate Competition on Euthanasia. The topic of the debate was “Euthanasia or physician assisted suicide should be made legal.” The chief guest on the occasion was Hon’ble Chancellor of the university Shri Jitendra Joshi while Dr. S. K. Shah, Mr. Kumar Ashutosh, and Mr. Pramod Tiwari were the judges of the competition.
A standard debate by law students was witnessed in the competition held at the seminar hall of Law College Dehradun. Those supporting the topic gave the reference of Article 21 in the context of which arguments were made to attach Right to Death with Right to Life. The participants maintained that a painless death should be legalized in extreme circumstances. However, the opponents expressed their doubts with regard to the Right to Death in case if it is attached to Right to Life as they argued that it is not clear that who shall have the Right to Kill. Many arguments and counter arguments were offered by the opponents in favour or against the topic. The audience had the right to question the participants which actually turned the event lively.
On this occasion, Hon’ble Chancellor of the University Shri Jitendra Joshi said that the debate on such a burning issue like Euthanasia is commendable in itself. However, he maintained that only time will tell whether Euthanasia will be legalized or not.
In the concluding ceremony Principle of the College Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna threw lights on the undiscussed aspects of Euthanasia or physician assisted suicide. He stated that the legal and judicial fraternity of the country are not unanimous over the issue and even the public opinion is divided with regard to the acceptance or rejection of the issue related to legalizing mercy killing.
The judges declared Ms. Aparajita Singh as the Best Speaker while Ms. Vatsala Sharma and Ms. Chanchal Sharma were declared First & Second Runnerup respectively.

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