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Law College Dehradun organized its 2nd Edition of ‘Srijan’ – A Legal Forum, under the aegis of its Youth Parliament Society (YPS) on 2nd May, 2018. The topic of discussion was ‘Revisiting the Concept of Rape and its Growing Jurisprudence under Indian Law’. The event was splendidly organized by the Youth Parliament Society in collaboration with ‘Aarambh’ – The Debating Society, Moot Court Society and Legal Aid Centre. The intend of the event was to bring all the societies on a single platform in the form of a legal forum.

Two panels were constituted for the discussion wherein one panel was lead by the President of Aarambh, Mr. Anjan Sahu and the other panel was directed by Ms. Soumya Gaur, President of Moot Court Society. The forum was eminently moderated by Ms. Harshita Chauhan, President of Youth Parliament Society. Members from both the panels raised some important issues related to rape which is almost spreading like an epidemic in India and included the different categories like marital rape, male rape and transgender rape. The panelists also raised concerns regarding the decreasing rate of convictions in rape cases and also the low rate of reporting of rape cases. The discussion highlighted the laws related to rape and its evolution from the year 1983 to 2018. The Brainstorming Session led to some solutions which included bringing about a change in the patriarchal setup of the society, training the female to be bold enough to raise her voice against any kind of verbal or physical abuse, gender sensitization, to enlist a few. Amongst all these suggestions speedy trial for rape related cases was emphasized as the need of the hour. The forum was eventually opened to the audience in which few students and faculty members came up with suggestions to resolve the problem that is deep rooted in our society.

Principal and Dean Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna in his address appreciated the students for their participation and motivated them to enhance their research skills and to be updated with the legal trends. The event was witnessed by Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Rawat (Head of the Department- Law), Mr. Kumar Ashutosh (Head of the Department – H&L), Dr. Jitender Singh (Head of the Department- Management), Ms. V.Bhuvaneswari (Chairperson – Aarambh-The Debating Society), Mr. Razit Sharma (Chairperson – Youth Parliament Society), Mr. Vaibhav Uniyal (Faculty In-charge – Legal Aid Centre), other Faculty Members and the students of Law College Dehradun.

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