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Law College Dehradun organises a jail visit to Zila Karagar of Dehradun on 18 October 2021 for its students. Under the supervision of the Jail Authority and the Chairperson of the Moot Court Society, the students interacted with the jail correspondent, asking a variety of questions about the prison’s operation, the services provided to inmates, and, most importantly, the myth surrounding prisons, namely, prisoner harassment, to which the authority responded that there is no such concept as prisoner harassment because inmates are human beings with their rights. Students got to observe the working conditions and their surroundings closely. Various procedures and provisions of the CrPC were discussed and their actual applicability was understood. The actual condition regarding the overpopulated inmates was also evident from this visit.

Finally, students had the opportunity to speak with Jailor Mr. Pawan Kothari, who described the humanitarian aspects of jails and the challenges that inmates confront. He also highlighted the role of law students, since they would be a part of the country’s legal system in the future.

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