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Law College Dehradun organized a Mega Legal Awareness Camp on 13th May, 2018 under the auspices of its Legal Aid and Awareness Cell Society. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Shri Sehdev Pundir, Hon’ble Member of Legislative Assembly, Sahaspur. Other distinguished guests on the occasion were Shri G. S. Rawat (Chief Development Officer, Dehradun), Shri M. Zafar Khan (District Panchayati Raj Officer, Dehradun), Smt. Beena Bahuguna (Block Pramukh – Raipur) and Smt. Ranjita Tomar (Block Pramukh – Sahaspur). The programme was inaugurated by the lighting of the auspicious lamp followed by offering of the bouquet to felicitate the distinguished guests by Hon’ble Chancellor Shri Jitender Joshi.

Then began a series of briefings on different legal aspects by the students. The legal aspects discussed at length were Selection of Beneficiaries of Panchayat, First Information Report, Domestic Violence, Human Rights, Motor Vehicle Accidents related Laws, Environment Related Laws, Allocation of Panchayat Lands, Right to Information and Legal Assistance.

The Chief Guest and Sahaspur Legislator, Shri Sehdev Pundir spoke at length about the benefits of increasing the frequency of Legal Camps to benefit the masses. He thanked the organizers for the simplified explanation of various legal issues to the local representatives.

Shri G. S. Rawat, C.D.O., Dehradun too spoke on the need of such Legal Awareness Camps which could enable the people and their representatives understand the key legal aspects which affect their day-to-day lives. He also congratulated the students for their excellent presentations.

Addressing the students Shri. M. Zafar Khan, D.P.R.O., Dehradun said that mere collection of information does not serve the purpose, therefore, it is desirable that meaningful information so collected should be delivered to the people entitled to have it. He appreciated the efforts of the students of Law towards spreading of legal knowledge amongst the panchayat representatives.

Hon’ble Chancellor, Shri Jitender Joshi said that legal knowledge must proliferate to cater to the needs of masses. He appreciated Law College Dehradun for contributing towards legal knowledge dissemination through the organization of Legal Camps every year.

Principal and Dean of the College, Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna stated that Law College Dehradun has so far organized twelve Legal Camps and would continue to do so in future so as to extend legal knowledge to every nook and corner of the state.

The Speakers
1. Selection of Beneficiaries of Panchayat – Ms. Shuchita Srivastava
2. First Information Report – Mr. Ali Zaman Zaidi
3. Domestic Violence – Ms. S. Annu
4. Human Rights – Ms. Chanchal Sharma
5. Motor Vehicle Accidents related Laws – Mr. Paikar Mustafa
6. Environment related Laws – Ms. Jasmine Kaur
7. Allocation of Panchayat Lands – Ms. Anjani Rana
8. Right to Information – Mr. Vaibhav Srivastav
9. Legal Assistance – Ms. Deeksha Gupta

Organizing Committee
1. Ms. Mitali
2. Ashutosh Singh
3. Pramila Bhatt

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