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Law College Dehradun, Faculty of Uttaranchal University organized Youth Conclave, 2021, Intra – college Model United Nations and Youth Parliament under the aegis of Youth Parliament Society, on 23 November 2021. The event was a simulation of the United Nations and Youth Parliament. The event commenced with the warm welcome of Pro VC & Dean, Law College Dehradun, Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna, and HoD Prof (Dr) Poonam Rawat. The session was anchored by Mr Hitesh Bisht, who with his amiability was able to hold the attention of the audience. It then proceeded with the introduction of the event and the committees and their agendas.

Two committees were set up, namely:

  1. Model United Nations: UNGA – DISEC
  2. Youth Parliament: AIPPM

Both the committees witnessed heated discussions and debates on their agendas.

  1. Committee 1- AIPPM

AGENDA- Deliberation on the issue of a central vista development project in the COVID pandemic.

  1. Committee 2- UNGA-DISEC

AGENDA- Discussion on Nuclear Disarmament (Special mention on the comprehensiveness of the Nuclear – test-ban- treaty)

Following the enlightening speech of Prof. Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna, the event was declared open by Ms Saakshi Suneja, Secretary-General of the Youth Parliament Society of LCD. The participants then proceeded to their MUN committee hall and YP committee hall, respectively.

Committee I: UNGA- DISEC

Session I:

The committee began with the President Mr Akshay Chawla explaining to the delegates the voting procedure, chits, moderated and unmoderated caucus, working paper, and other nuances of the working of UNGA- DISEC. The Executive Board comprised of Mr. Akshay Chawla; President, Mr Deshdeep Singh; Vice-President, and Ms Ritim Mangla; Rapporteur. Then the roll call was taken by Ms Ritim Mangla and after which the delegates were asked to establish a motion for the GSL which was then set by the delegate of China for a per speaker time of 60 seconds. 10 delegates were shortlisted for the same but after the completion of GSL by 7 delegates; an unmoderated caucus was established by the delegate of India for a total time of 10 minutes. After completion of GSL of 8 delegates, another motion for moderated caucus proposed by the delegate of India was passed by the committee on the sub agenda- ‘ Security of States’ for a total time of 15 Minutes per speaker time of 90 seconds.


The committee resumed at 2:30 PM and by the time the delegates had discussed the formulation of the working paper. The Secretary-General; Ms Saakshi Suneja and Deputy Secretary-General; Ms Niharika Jha got a review of the committee from the delegates. Another moderated caucus on the sub agenda- ‘Loopholes in CTBT and its solutions’ was proposed by the delegate of China for a total time of 15 mins and per speaker time of 120 seconds. After the completion of this sub-agenda, President; Akshay Chawla explained the nuances of the working paper to the delegates and an unmoderated caucus of 15 minutes was awarded to the delegates to prepare the working paper. The committee collectively submitted one working paper to the executive board that suggested amicable solutions to the agenda at hand. To conclude the committee the GSL list was again established with the delegate of Nigeria being the last speaker and finally concluding the day-long hard work of all the delegates, organising committee and the executive board. The committee was concluded on a happy note with an anonymous chit session.

During the course of this extensive discussion on this sub agenda, Hon’ble Chancellor, Sh. Jitender Joshi, esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Prof (Dr) Dharam Buddhi, and Pro VC & Dean, Law College Dehradun, Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna visited the committee and witnessed its working.


  1. Delegate of USA: Best Delegate; Parth Narayan Singh
  2. Delegate of China: High Commendation; Jahan Mukherjee
  3. Delegate of Ukraine: Special Mention; Akshat Bhatt

Committee II: All India Political Party Meet

Session 1:

The committee commenced at 10:45 am, 23 November 2021 with the executive board of three members, Mr Lakshya Agarwal as President, Mr Abhijeet Kashyap as vice – president and Ms Aarushi Singh as the secretary. At the very onset, Mr. Lakshya Agarwal (President, AIPPM) explained the rules and procedures that are to be followed in a Youth Parliament. He briefed the participants about the different sessions of YP and also the role of the executive board. Then the roll calls were taken at 11:00am, and at 11:16 am and the General speaker list (GSL) was framed.

The first speech was given by the leader of the ruling party i.e., Mr. Narendra Modi. The delegate expressed his views regarding the agenda of the committee,  that was “Deliberation on the issue of Central Vista Development project in the pandemic COVID”, the discussion was then followed by the next speaker, Mr. Deepender Singh Hooda and so on. The minimum time given to a speaker was 60 seconds which was then followed by POI’s, and POO’s. Later on the Executive Board advised the delegates to pass on chits instead of raising their placards. The last speaker of the GSL was by default the leader of the opposition party i.e., Ms. Sonia Gandhi.

Session 2

The session resumed at 02:30pm, with the discussion on sub agenda. The sub-agenda was passed by the amenable agreement of both, the ruling and the opposition party. The speaker’s list for the sub agenda was commenced by Mr. Deepender  Hooda, member of the opposition party and a total of 10 members of each party expressed their views on the sub – agenda. During the session Ms. Sakshi Suneja, Secretary General and Ms. Niharika Jha, Deputy Secretary General took the feedback from the delegates.

Hon’ble Chancellor, Shri. Jitender Joshi, Vice – Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Dharam Buddhi and Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna, Dean, Law College Dehradun, marked their presence in the committee room and witnessed the working of the committee. The committee was concluded by the speech of Mr. Narendra Modi, Leader of the ruling party.

Session 3

After the conclusion of the committee an informal session took place, where the delegates interacted with their fellow delegates through informal chits that were firstly passed on to the E.B.

Winners List

  1. Best Delegate: Nimit Saroha
  2. High Commendation: Kumar Ayush Garg
  3. Special Mention: Dimple Yadav

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony of the event began at 4:30 pm with an encouraging note to all the participants. We had amongst us Prof. Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna, Dean Law College Dehradun, Director SA& IT Services, Dr. Abhishek Joshi, Prof. Dr. Poonam Rawat, Mr. Lakshay Agarwal former President, Youth Parliament Society and Mr. Akshay Chawla former Vice- President, Youth Parliament Society for the session 2018-19, current president Ms. Sakshi Suneja and vice – president Ms. Niharika Jha of Youth Parliament Society, Office Bearers and executive members of the same, along with the participants of Youth Conclave, 2021.The event moved further with the felicitation of the chief guest Dr. Abhishek Joshi by Prof. Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna.

The winners were then felicitated according to their committees, followed by the honoring of executive board of both the committees, the heads organizing committee, and last but not the least, the organizing committee of the Youth Conclave, 2021. The event was then concluded by vote of thanks by Ms. Saakshi Suneja, Secretary-General, followed by the National Anthem.

Congratulations to the YPS team of Law College Dehradun for organizing the remarkable Youth Conclave, 2021 which sailed smoothly and reaped into a successful event.

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