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Law College Dehradun organized a Workshop on the diverse amplitudes of Forensic Science on 23rd April, 2018. The Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker of the occasion was Shri Amit Sinha, I.G. Police and Director of State Forensic Science Laboratory. The Workshop was segmented into several scientific sessions and was addressed by different experts from State Forensic Science Laboratory including Dr. Manoj Agarwal, Expert in DNA, Dr. S. K. Sharma, Expert in Ballistics and Shri. Abhishek Vashisth, Expert in Handwriting and Fingerprint Identification.

Students were able to understand the basic concepts and theories of Ballistics when it’s Expert shared the knowledge about various kinds of firearms, and endeavored to explain that capacity, range and assaulting power of each firearm is distinct from others. Forensic examination of a single bullet can reveal with ease the weapon it was fired from. On the other hand, the DNA Expert said that the use of DNA Test in criminal investigations have brought miraculous achievement in crime detection, however, due to the lack of expertise and proper training of the Crime Investigators, its proper collection, preservation and accurate analysis is at present a big challenge in India. He laid emphasis on the need of adequate protocol on the subject along with proper training of the concerned persons. Adding to this, the Handwriting Expert said that by way of forensic examination of documents, forgery and fake documents can be easily tracked.

Shri. Amit Sinha, I.G. Police in his address said that now-a-days it has become a challenge for law enforcement agencies to produce the eye witnesses before the court because of their reluctant attitude, therefore, the value of forensic evidence increases tremendously. It is noticed that in many cases the accused got convicted on the sole basis of forensic evidence. He also added that the students of Law College Dehradun need to learn Forensic Science equally, as they need to learn Law of Evidence. His experience of the identification of the dead through DNA Testing in the Kedarnath Calamity of 2013 very aptly highlighted the practical significance of the field and inspired the students to seriously deem it as an option. He further maintained that the chance of success of an advocate increases manyfold if he is well acquainted with the tenets of forensic science.

On this occasion Hon’ble Chancellor of Uttaranchal University Shri Jitender Joshi announced that the University will be starting Certificate Course in Forensic Science in the forthcoming session so that the students would not only get a Degree in Law, but also learn skills in the field of Forensic Science. Prof. (Dr.) N. K. Joshi, Vice Chancellor of the University stated that Forensic Science is the combination of Law, Technology and Science, which helps students in the better learning of Criminal Laws. Principal and Dean Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna in his speech affirmed that the Workshop helped the students to understand the various analytical techniques of Forensic Science and the evidentiary value of the objects associated. He also appreciated Mr. Anjum Parvez, Faculty of Law for successfully convening the event which was effectively received by the students.

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