Law College Dehradun organizes an Industrial Visit to ‘FABCO Bag Industries’

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An Industrial Visit to FABCO Bag Industries, Selaqui, Dehradun was organized for BBA.LL.B.(Hons.) V Semester students of Law College Dehradun on 29th August, 2018. FABCO manufactures a wide range of intricately designed and crafted bags. The main purpose of this Industrial Visit was to make the students aware about the entire production process of the bag industry. After getting a nod from Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna, Principal & Dean, Law College Dehradun the buses moved for the venue. The students were led by HOD (Management) Dr. Jitendra Singh. Mr. Ravi Prasad (Management Faculty) also accompanied the students. Channel Partner Mr. Mazhar Imam was also present on the occasion. The Chief Facilitator of the visit was Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Production Manager FABCO Bag Industries, Dehradun. During this informative Industrial Visit the students witnessed the entire production process. The students viewed the entire process of different kinds of bag manufacturing by being present on the production floor. They learned how a bag is produced, be it a strolley, sling bag or a back pack and witnessed the starting and final proceedings including packaging etc. The students took active participation in understanding the entire production process. They spent a good amount of time in each individual unit and tried to understand the technical aspects of various operations. They also learned how a semi finished bag is treated in the next following stage. The operators of technical machines gave precise demonstration to the students by practically showing the operational activities. The students clarified all their doubts and queries regarding the operational process of bag manufacturing at different production units. Finally, Mr. Rajesh took a comprehensive session of the students in which he briefed about the industry, its practices and its policies. He gave information to the students regarding the HR Policy, Finance Policy and Operational Policy of the industry. He also gave an idea to the students regarding average number of workers needed to make a single bag, the cost incurred in making a particular type of bag, etc. Mr. Rajesh also informed the students about the logistics pattern and management structure of the industry. Mr. Satyendra marked his presence on the occasion. Overall it was a very good learning experience and the students acquired practical knowledge about the industrial and operational practices of a manufacturing industry. 120 Students participated in this Industrial Tour.

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