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Law College Dehradun organizes ‘Debater of the Year – 2020’

Law College Dehradun organizes ‘Debater of the Year – 2020’

‘Without Debate, without criticism no administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive’ -John F. Kennedy

Law College Dehradun organized its 4th Edition of ‘The Debater of the Year – 2020’ on 7th February, 2020 under the aegis of ‘Aarambh-The Debating Society’. The debate was held bilingually on the topic “This House regrets the police action against the accused in the Hyderabad Rape Case.” The event was marked by the benign presence of Dr. Abhishek Joshi, Director of Student Affairs and IT Services as the Chief Guest. Dr. Poonam Rawat (HOD –Law), Ms. Smriti Uniyal (Asst.Professor – SMCS) and Mr. Kumar Ashutosh (HOD- Humanities & Language) were the eminent jury members of the competition.

The event commenced with the Lighting of Lamp by the dignitaries and judges. A total of fourteen speakers took the stance of proposition and opposition side and presented their argument in an unparalleled way. The participants were well armed with statistics & validated data and made a convincing argument with apt gestures and vocalics. The speakers for the motion stated that the act of the police was mere infringement of Human Rights and not a norm to satisfy the emotionally charged public. They also condemned the arbitrary action was against justice and that it was just a pretext of giving speedy justice. The participants who were against the motion vehemently presented their argument saying prevention of crime against women is the need of the hour. If policeman is the person responsible to safeguard justice and liberty without exercising their power, they would be mere spectators and the duty will be a mere formality done by the officials. They rested their case that the encounter was a remedy to heal the pain of the victim.

All the participants presented their debate audaciously and proved their mettle making decision-making a tough job for the judges. Eventually the judges declared Ms. Urmilla Saluja the ‘Best English Debater of the Year’ while Ms. Satakshi Sharma was adjudged the ‘Best Hindi Debater of the Year’. The Winners received a Rolling Trophy along with a cash prize of Rs. 4200 which was given to the winners of the event by Dr. Abhiskek Joshi.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Abhishek Joshi congratulated the participants and the society for organizing such curricular activities which familiarise the students with the issues going on in the society and develop their ability to analyse and synthesise data in a compelling way.

Principal & Dean Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna, in his address, lauded the participants for their eminent performance. He expressed his appreciation to the organizers for such a wonderful debate and mentioned that the session was a kaleidoscope of opinions, ideas and perspectives which manifested the research acumen of the participants. Moreover he offered tips and valuable insights on various legal aspects of the topic. The event ended with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Ms.Twinkle Purohit wherein she extended her heartiest thanks to the Patron of the Society, Dr. Poonam Rawat (HOD)and Mr. Amit Kumar (Chairman of the Society) for their moral support. Present on the occasion were faculty members and students of Law College Dehradun.

The event served as a platform for the participants to display their research insight and rhetorical dexterity.
A legacy Continued!

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