Law College Dehradun organizes ‘Summer Cloth Donation Drive’

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It’s better to donate than accumulate.

Law College Dehradun organized ‘Summer Cloth Donation Drive’ on 24th July 2021 to celebrate Guru Purnima under the aegis of Rotaract Club of Law College Dehradun (RCLCD). Donation Drive is a regular activity conducted altruistically for the benefit of downtrodden people, and this time it was for the people in slums near Nanda ki Chowki area of Dehradun. 


 The distribution drive took place on 24th July 2021. The drive was led by Mr. Amit Kumar, Faculty Advisor of RCLCD, along with Ms.Ananya Gosain, Rtr. President RCLCD and Ms. Neetu Banduni, Rtr. Secretary RCLCD. Many students of Law College Dehradun including Megha, Sonika, Shivangi, Akshat, Aarif, Sahail, Aditya, Sambhav, Akshat Goyal, Dheeraj and Anurag volunteered in the distribution drive. The event was organized under the worthy guidance and leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna, Vice Chancellor, Uttaranchal University and Prof. Poonam Rawat, Principal (Officiating) Law College Dehradun. During the drive hundreds of summer clothes were donated by the faculty members and students of Law College Dehradun. 

These little actions can truly have the power to light up the lives of others and bring about a positive change in the lives of those in need.

Keep up the spirit LCDians….

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