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4th International Yoga Day

Breaking all the barriers, 4th International Yoga day e.g. 21 June was celebrated across the world. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi was himself present to participate and grace this gala event at FRI, Dehradun. All faculty members, staff, and students of Uttaranchal University also were privileged to witness and participate in this memorable event. The phenomenal out of this was that the remaining staff who were on essential duties & not fortunate enough to be the part of the contingent with Primer Minister, decided to celebrate and participate in their own way. On 21 Jun 18, Yoga activities were conducted for all such members at Central Library of the University, amidst full zest and vigor. There was no yoga mat, no yoga tee-shirt but only zeal, zeal & zeal. Perhaps India is becoming health conscious.