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Workshop on ‘Inventory Management’

Workshop on ‘Inventory Management’ was conducted in two sessions on 22 May 2018 at media section of Central Library. Lab technician, Faculty members, HoDs, of all departments including high echelon of the University attended the workshop.

It was mainly focused upon the methodology of Online Inventory management. Mr. VK Kaul, Manager Store & Purchase, covered all the aspects pertaining to Inventory Management during the workshop. He spoke on the existing Inventory System and further explained the proposed methodology in details on the subject matter. He also focused the other issues which were planned to be incorporated with the existing system i.e. writing off the Store, half yearly and yearly audit, Work Order & Loaning of store etc. He stressed that the use and perpetuation of this system will benefit everyone. In continuation, he further added that in one hand departments would know their actual holdings, simultaneously on other hand Store & Purchase Cell would be able to plan for future procurement for the departments.