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A guest lecture was given by Dr.Salim Barbuiya, BE (India) ME (Thailand) Ph.D(UK) a lecturer in Curtin University Australia, on nanotechnology. He shared his knowledge with our students and faculty and delivered interesting points about nanotechnology.

According to him Nanomaterials can improve vital characteristics of construction materials such as strength, durability and lightness. Nanomaterials can also function as key service components to monitor construction safety and structural health. However, there are some challenges regarding the use of nanotechnology. Risks, according to experts, involve two factors-hazard and exposure. If there is no exposure then even a hazardous material is safe.

Dr.Salim Barbuiya demonstrated through various videos of how work is done on nanomaterials. Nanomeasurment is done by nanoindentation, a user friendly instrument for nano-mechanical testing of materials. It enables measurement of deformation over 6 orders of magnitude (from nm to mm).

Dr.Salim Barbuiya is involved in researches in on going nanomaterials nature and measurement. If nanotechnology came into use, the mobile phones we are using will be reduced to a piece of paper. Nanotechnology can be turned into boon for our future if we think about utilizing it.

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