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The day was celebrated by conducting an Essay writing competition. The topic for the Essay writing was “Importance of immunization during Covid pandemic”. The participants were provided with proper guidelines for writing good essay content. The purpose of organizing this kind of activity is to enhance the original writing skill among young students. Through this, students learn to express their ideas in a creative and meaningful way.  This event proved helpful to the students to know about the vaccination schedules at different ages of an infant to an adult apart from writing skills. The topic also emphasizes the covid-19 disease and the vaccination role to control the covid Pandemic as well as how it creates an impact on social health. This event was ultimately helpful to the students to serve society to become a good and aware Pharmacist. The event coordinators Mr Ankur, Assistant Professor UIPS, and Mr Ravi Kumar, Assistant Professor UIPS proposed to the Dean UIPS the format of the event. A Jury Committee was formed composed of members who are experts in this field. The committee was headed by Dr Vikash Jakhmola, Dean UIPS. Total 59 students participated in the event and among them, 14 students qualified for participatory certificates including first, second, and third rank holders.

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