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Nirmaan organizes “Treasure Hunt -2020”

Nirmaan organizes “Treasure Hunt -2020”

NIRMAAN, the Society of Civil Engineering Department, Uttaranchal Institute of Technology, organized “Treasure Hunt – 2020” on 8th February, 2020. The event was inaugurated by the Heads of the constituent Departments of UIT and initiated with a Welcome Note delivered by Head – Department of Civil Engineering Mr. Awadhesh Chandramauli.

In the event, the teams, comprising of 4 students each, had to reach a common target, i.e., the treasure, by using different clues given to each team. The focus of this event was to develop the team spirit as well as co-ordination among the students.

The event comprised of 2 rounds. Round 1 was the Screening Round. Only 8 teams were able to qualify for Round 2. In Round 2 the teams were given clues and using them the teams had to find the next clue. Total 4 clues were hidden and the final clue, i.e., the 4th clue was common for each team. The Winners of the event were as follows:

Team Q [B.Tech. (CSE) III Year]
1. MayankVarshney
2. Nitin Negi
3. Tamen Dutta
4. Dhir Mayank Bhatt

All the participants and winners were acknowledged by Head of the Department Mr. Awdesh Chandramouli and Cultural Activity Coordinator of the Department Mr. Shubham Khatri.

Mr. GauravThakur, Mr. Ashish Pathani, Mr. VinodBalmiki and Ms. Nishima Chaddha helped in organizing the event.

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