NSS Wing of Uttaranchal University conducts “Water Conservation Drive”

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GATE 2019

NSS Wing of Uttaranchal University organized ‘Water Conservation Drive’ on February 15, 2018 to instill awareness about the judicious use of water among students and to ensure that they play a vital role in creating awareness among the members of society. Students and NSS volunteers participating in the water conservation drive were asked to create a poster on the theme of “Water Conservation”. Students created posters highlighting the need for water conservation and practices to be adopted to conserve water. The posters were uploaded on social media. The same poster was used by the participants to create awareness in their neighborhood by visiting at least three to four houses and explaining the importance of conserving water. The volunteers approached several houses in the surrounding neighborhood during this process of information dissemination. Around fifty students participated in the Water Conservation Drive.

The coordinator of the NSS Wing of the Uttaranchal University pointed out the five objectives during his speech to the volunteers regarding the conservation of water and creating the awareness for this purpose. These objectives as highlighted were to educate students about conservation of water, to sensitize fellow students about the importance of water, to empower all students to protect the natural sources of water, to enable each student to save at least one litre of water per day, and to help students learn how to use water wisely and ensure minimum wastage of water.

The entire event was a great success for the NSS as well as the university and the concerned authority of the University appreciated the dedication and efforts of the students and volunteers involved in this task.

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