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Women Cell of School of Agriculture (SOA), Uttaranchal University, Dehradun, organized ‘One Day Workshop’ on ‘Self-defence: The Matter of Women Safety’ for the female students of SOA, on 2nd May 2022 in Agriculture Block. Mr V K Kaul, former Commandant, Indian Air Force, Government of India and Manager, Store & Purchase, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun, was the invited guest for the event. The main objective of this workshop was to make the female students aware of the eve-teasing and violence that are sometimes observed in the society and to enhance their confidence for self-protection if such situations they face in their life. It is a need of the day for the girls and women to know their fundamental rights for safeguarding themselves and equality in all sense in society. The workshop started with a welcome note by Dr Neha Saini, Coordinator of Women Cell, SOA followed by a highlighting of the key points of the workshop by Dr Rajendra Prasad, HoD, School of Agriculture, He deliberated the importance of the workshop and discussed the need of such type of workshop organized in school and colleges. He encouraged & motivated the organizing team of the workshop.

Mr V K Kaul, the invited guest instructor for Self-Defence explained strategies and demonstrated the techniques of self-defense. He discussed some common but important tips that are important to keep in mind in unusual situations. He emphasized that each girl should not lose their confidence in front of the attacker. He demonstrated the moves for self-defense and safety viz., moves to keep the attacker away from our body; moves to deter the attacker; moves to defeat the attacker; and many more moves. He also demonstrated the use of some body parts like the knee, elbow, and head that can be used to strongly heat the attacker. The girl volunteer students showed the above moves and techniques under the supervision of Mr. Kaul. He also highlighted the fundamental rights of women and explained the meaning of gender equality and motivated all the participants to build confidence in them.

The workshop was very fruitful for the female students and faculty members of SOA. Dr Rachna Juyal, Member of Women Cell, SOA proposed the vote of thanks. Dr Atin Kumar and Dr Awneesh Kumar members of the organizing committee were also present during the workshop and provided their support in conducting different activities of the event. Sonakshi Rana, a student volunteer of Women Cell, SOA anchored the entire event very gracefully and appreciated it.

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