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The Happy Pixels Photography club of the School of Liberal Arts is marching forward day by day for the welfare of students by giving them great opportunities and setting up benchmarks for them. In this row the club organized a one-day Workshop on Working of a DSLR on 7 March 2022. The renowned freelance photographer Mr Bhumesh Bharti was the guest speaker for this workshop. He demonstrated each and every detail regarding a DSLR Camera. He talked about the evolution of cameras, from dry plates and camera rolls to the use of sensors and mirrors in cameras. He told the students about the handling of the camera, the science behind the camera, and the method to adjust camera lenses. Moreover, he talked about different types of camera lenses, their importance, and their uses. He also made the students aware of the camera storage mediums, camera batteries and some additional accessories like tripods, flash, lens hoods, etc.

Later, students were directed on how to click photographs from a DSLR and the Faculty Members told them how to adjust camera settings according to scene & situation. Students did their best and participated with great enthusiasm. Dr Jitendra Sinha, HoD, appreciated the effort of the students. Ms Smriti Uniyal hosted the event, Mr Ved Prakash, Mr Pawan Dabral, and Ms Anjulika Ghoshal attended the Workshop along with all BAJMC students.

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