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An online workshop named “Introduction to Online RCC Building Structural Design Software: MvDAD” was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering on 10th March 2022 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. The online workshop was moderated by Prof (Dr) Amit Srivastava, Dean Academics, Uttaranchal University, and Mr Awadhesh Chandramauli, Head of Department, Civil Engineering. The Speaker of the workshop was Mr B P Karamchandani, MvDAD software developer. The workshop was successfully organized by Mr Gaurav Thakur, Assistant Professor and Mr Bhuvan Bhatt (Assistant Professor) of the Department of Civil Engineering with great zeal. Prof (Dr) Amit Srivastava motivated the students before the commencement of the workshop which was then followed by a keynote by Prof (Dr) S D Pandey, Dean UIT.

Mr B P Karamchandani executed underground drainage works of Maharashtra water supply board and saved crores of government money by technical alternative design. Mr Karamchandani developed inventory software for FMCG distribution and an online RCC building structural design software named MvDAD.

The online workshop introduced MvDAD software, an online RCC building design software. This workshop imparted knowledge about the software and the students gained breadth in relevant concepts of MvDAD software while developing an in-depth knowledge of the applications of the software for analysis and design of RCC buildings. Complete analysis and design of RCC buildings along with its advantages over other designing software were covered by Mr Karamchandani.

The session also motivated the students to explore the venues of using this software and also explain the different uses and advantages of the software and apply the same to a variety of complex building structures. The interactive Q&A session helped in clearing the doubts of the participants.

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