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Ms. Ankita Joshi

Ms Ankita Joshi is offering her skilled expertise to Uttaranchal University as Director – HR & Corporate Relations.

Ms Ankita Joshi is an MBA in International Business from the University of Sheffield, London (UK). Besides that, she is also an alumna of the University of Oxford, London, United Kingdom and has been awarded Certification in Leadership. Having a comprehensive exposure to business management and leadership practices, she contributes to improving the performance of Uttaranchal University in the rapidly changing global education scenario.

Ms Ankita Joshi firmly believes that in the present-day world, characterized by globalization and liberalization, quality educational ventures in India should extend their excellence towards the international market and at the same time adopt the best practices followed by other countries. Realizing her intent, she contributes through her highly motivating growth-oriented guidance, excellent networking abilities and the ability to rally team members towards the common goal of providing the best in the education and research.

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