Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi, Director – Students Affairs & IT Services

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Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi, Director

Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi is offering his guidance to Uttaranchal University as Director – Students Affairs & IT Services. Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi pursued his Post Graduation in Political Science and has a Doctorate in Political Science which complements his belief in the creation of a proper system and growth-oriented working mechanism.

Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi stresses on optimum utilization of resources and believes that proper analysis and projection leads to excellence. With an aim to establish Uttaranchal University as a center of excellence he contributes by steering the University in the right direction through his in-depth analysis and identification of developmental thrust areas. The milestone achieved by the University under his guidance strengthens its faith in the realization of all future aspirations.

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