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Eco- Club of Uttaranchal University celebrated ‘Ozone Day on 17-Sep, 2016. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Ajay Singh, Head, Department of Chemistry. All the constituent colleges of Uttaranchal University participated in the event. The Ozone present in the stratosphere of atmosphere is depleting due to release of chemicals containing gaseous chlorine or bromine from industries and human activities. Due to Ozone Layer Depletion the harmful UVB wavelengths of ultraviolet light (UV light) reaches the Earth’s surface causing increase in the rate of skin cancer, cataract and genetic mutations. More than 80 students participated. The students prepared posters and explained their creations to the judges.

The event was organized and coordinated by Dr. Bharti Ramola with the help of Dr. Poonam Negi, Treasurer – Eco-Club, Uttaranchal University, The Student Coordinators namely with the students of M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry and Chemistry) actively helped in the coordination of the event. The cumulative efforts made the event a grand success.

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