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  1. Process for the Green Synthesis of Zinc Nano Particles Using Bergenia Ciliata Rhizome Extract. Patent Filing Number: 201811047746. Dated: 17 December, 2018
  2. A Process for Microalgae Harvesting and Enhancing Biomass Productivity. Application Reference Number: TEMP/E-1/17691/2018-DEL
  3. A Method For Preparation Of Nutrient Source From Food Waste For Cultivation Of Microalgae. Application No.: 201811008547, Patent Application No.- TEMP/E-1/8994/2018-DEL , CBR Number: 6149 , Dated 08-03-2018.  
  4. Environment Friendly Substitute for PVC with less Chlorine and A Process of Preparation Thereof. Application No. 201811008069, Patent Application No.- TEMP/E-1/8482/2018-DEL, CBR Number: 5758, Dated 05-03-2018.
  5. A Process for the Preparation of Smart Coatings of Conducting Polymer Composites for Corrosion Protection in Marine Environment. “3708/DEL/2015” Dated 13/11/2015.
  6. Polymer coatings for corrosion protection in high saline environment and a process of preparation thereof. Ref.No./Application No. 201711031109, Number TEMP/E-1/31798/2017-DEL, CBR Number: 27261, Dated 01-09-2017.
  7. A process for the fabrication of conducting polymer encapsulated multiwalled carbon nanotube buckypapers for protective applications. Ref./Application No. 201711032210, App. Number TEMP/E-1/32963/2017-DEL, CBR Number: 28011, Dated 12-09-2017.
  8. A novel hole transport layer for efficient organic solar cells. Ref./Application No. 201711033295, App. Number TEMP/E-1/34044/2017-DEL, CBR Number: 28745, Dated 20-09-2017.
  9. Polymer-graphene grafted carbon fiber composite for antistatic protection and a process of preparation thereof. Ref./Application No. 201711035225, App. Number TEMP/E-1/35757/2017-DEL, CBR Number: 29878, Dated 04-10-2017.
  10. Conducting polymer composite for electromagnetic interference shielding and a process of preparation thereof.No./Application No. 201711037041, App. Number TEMP/E-1/37788/2017-DEL, CBR Number: 31040, Dated 18-10-2017.
  11. Development of conducting polymer-carbon allotropes composites as EMI shielding material. No./Application No. 201711037042, App. Number TEMP/E-1/37790/2017-DEL, CBR Number: 31040, Dated 18-10-2017.
  12. Design & Synthesis of polyanilie/graphene oxide composites for EMI shielding applications. No./Application No. E-2/1685/2017-DEL App. Number 201711038434, CBR Number: 31971, Dated 30-10-2017.
  13. Highly Efficient and Cost effective Organic Solar Cells based on Solution processed Hole transport layer. No./Application No. E-2/1702/2017-DEL App. Number 201711039092, CBR Number: 32358, Dated 02-11-2017.
  14. Hybrid Carbon Assemblage assisted Conducting Polymer as high performance Electrode Material for Supercapacitor (Communicated).
  15. Environment Friendly modified grafted PVC with lesser Chlorine(UCS&T/PIC/patents-12/2-17-18 ).
  16. Integrated Demonstration and research based Bioreactor for sustainable production of biomethane.
  17. Modifcation of PVA by crosslinking and grafting to get new polymer-(UCS&T/PIC/patents-11/2-17-18 ).
  18. Modifcation of PVC by crosslinking and grafting of thiourea to get new modified  polymer-(UCS&T/PIC/patents-13/2-17-18 ).
  19. Development of more potent herbal antibiotic than standard antibiotics using herbal extracts in different combinations.
  20. Salt and pH tolerant novel yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae UUIND1 ) for ethanol production-submitted to UCOST- latest for verification.
  21. Saccharomyces cerevisiae UUIND1  18S rRNA Partial Sequence. GenBank accession number.: KY385556; submitted on 23Dec, 2016.
  22. Micractinium pusillum strain UUIND4  18S rRNA Partial Sequence. GenBank accession number.: KY484922; submitted on 21 jan, 2017.
  23. Chlorella singularis strain UUIND5  18S rRNA Partial Sequence. GenBank accession number.: KY745895; submitted on 15 March, 2017.
  24. Chlorella sorokiniana strain UUIND6  18S rRNA Partial Sequence. GenBank accession number.: KY780616; submitted on 20 March, 2017.
  25. Micractinium pusillum strain UUIND7  18S rRNA Partial Sequence. Gen Bank accession number.: MF668262; submitted on 16 Aug, 2017.
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