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Phool Dei- the auspicious folk festival of Uttarakhand which welcomes the spring season. The festival is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month, Chaitra. Phool Dei is a reverence paid to the gods for the good crop year. The Children especially girls of the villages of Uttarakhand celebrate the festival by plucking the first flowers of the season and scattering these flowers on the threshold of their home and other houses in their village.     A pudding made from jaggery is the main dish prepared during the festival.

The School of Applied and Life Sciences took the first step in Uttaranchal University to celebrate Phool Dei, the Spring Festival of Uttarakhand. The School of Applied and Life Sciences also boasts about a large number of girl students who are a part of the college. As girls have an important role to play  in this festival hence it had even more relevance to the School of Applied & Life Sciences. The students were quite excited to be a part of the event. A flower arrangement competition was organized by the Cultural Committee of SALS.

The event started with lighting of the auspicious lamp to seek blessings of Goddess Saraswati. Prof (Dr) Ajay Singh, Dean SALS,  appreciated the efforts of the students who explained their creativity in a very interesting manner. He asked them to give priority to conservation of nature.Prof (Dr) Bharti Ramola, President, Cultural Committee, SALS, thanked the students for participating in the event within a short notice. She also appreciated faculty members namely Dr Indra, Dr Meenakshi and Dr Himani for contributing in proper conduct of the event along with Anu, Shalini, Preeti, Taniya and Neha. The students depicted Phool Dei festival by connecting it to the protection of the environment for our benefit, showing the secular nature of the state and the cultural heritage of Uttarakhand.

The event was coordinated by Prof (Dr) Bharti Ramola and Dr Indra Rautela. During the event, Prof (Dr) Poonam Negi, Dr Shalu Chaudhary, Dr Monika Singh  were also present.

The winners of the event were:

Vanshika,  Roopam & Neha      1st  Prize

Raksha & Nikhil and Shelly     2nd  Prize

Shanvi, Mansa and Yashashvi   3rd  Prize

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