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While observing Uttaranchal University Placement one can observe the impact of proper career counseling. Career Counseling sessions are organized for individual students and after identifying the needs proper guidance regarding the appropriate areas of study and possible career movements, developments and changes is given. skilled Career Counselors, after rigorous interaction and analysis, motivate them to excel both in personal & professional life.

Career guidance and support through career counselling involves

  • SWOT Analysis : knowing yourself.
  • Changing perception and attitude of students towards their academics and career prospects directly impacting Uttaranchal University Placement.
  • Identifying the career path/role/opportunities.
  • Understanding and resolving students’ personal issues and help them to grow as an individual.
  • Guiding the students regarding the preparation of an effective CV and Cover Letter.
  • Assisting the students to find the best job according to their skills and aspirations which is aptly reflected in Uttaranchal University Placement.
  • Making students capable of formulating a set of attainable goals and a plan of action.
  • Motivating students to attempt positive transformation to make their life healthier and happier.
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