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The Center of Excellence for Energy and Eco-sustainability Research” (CEER) will conduct research, PG programmes, skilled base certificate training programmes consultancies in the areas of clean/renewable energy, green & sustainable buildings and energy efficiency. Center will focus on innovative, transdisciplinary and society/industry required programmes with a focus on emerging technologies.


To be a leading research center in energy and sustainability for the sustenance of the 21st century.

Areas Of Interest 

  • Environment and Energy (Local to Global) 
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Bio-economy, Bio-farm & Bio-resources
  • Ecological Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Socio- Economy & Demography
  • Sustainable Tourism 
  • Progressive Environmental Law Advocacy

Renewable And Clean Energy

In the 20th century, fossil fuels were the fuels of choice. During first two decades of 21st century, transition was from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This transition will require an intensive effort for human resource development in the area of renewable power sector. Deep knowledge and skills are required to address the challenges of energy resources, management and sustainable development. 

Pledge made during COP 26 at Glasgow re-affirm the commitments of various governments to reduce carbon emissions globally with a motto to act locally and think globally. India is the third largest renewable energy producer and it aims to reach net zero emissions by 2070. Further, India has targeted 500 GW of renewable power which means that the annual capacity addition 0f 40-50 GW.  Due to a very high potential growing field, there is a world-wide need of skilled manpower for projects, technology and policy. 

According to the Central Electricity Authority, by 2030, India’s power requirements will be more than 800 GW and more than half to be met from renewable and clean energy sources.

Energy Efficiency

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India is responsible for execution of Energy Conservation Act 2001, energy efficient solutions, technology & manpower. The BEE responsibility includes:

  1. Annual conduction of examination for certifying energy managers and energy auditors.
  2. Accredit energy managers and energy auditors.
  3. Conservation building codes.
  4. Energy performance standards 
  5. Star labeling for gadgets.
  6. Testing and certification procedures.

The Government of India has made Energy Auditing Energy Conservation Measures mandatory for energy intensive sector. Millions skilled manpower is required to meet the objectives of BEE and CDM for the reduction of emissions.

The Charter 

The charter of the center of excellence for energy and sustainability are:

  1. Academic programs: Ph. D, M Tech, MBA and Diploma 
  2. Research & Development Projects.
  3. Consultancy for Energy Audit.
  4. Training and Man Power Development: Short Term Courses on Renewable Power, Energy Auditing Techniques, Green Technologies and Green Buildings
  5. Renewable Energy Systems: The Center will also undertake Design, Development and promotion of Renewable Energy Systems.
  6. Testing support & facility: To provide testing facility in renewable and associated gadgets. 
  7. Collaborations:  To collaborate with industries and academic institutions for the  research on efficient and new Energy Efficient Technologies.

Programmes Offered:

(i) M. Tech. Energy Management & Sustainability – Click Here To Know More

(ii) Ph. D. – Click Here To Know More

Research Topics

We are internationally acclaimed for our research quality. The transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary approach provides innovative and a wide range of research prospects:

  1. Green Technologies
  2. Renewable Power Systems
  3. Solar Thermal Systems
  4. Solar Powered Air-conditioning
  5. Thermal Storage
  6. Ground Source Energy Systems
  7. Phase Change Materials
  8. Green Building & Solar Passive Architecture
  9. Renewable Energy Integrated Buildings
  10. Day Lighting Systems
  11. Hydrogen generation and Fuel Cell
  12. Sustainable Campus Design Strategies
  13. Wind Energy Technologies and Systems 
  14. Bio-Mass Energy Conversion and Waste to Energy 
  15. Energy Policies
  16. Heat Pumps 
  17. Development of Testing Procedures/Standards
  18. Energy Efficiency and Management
  19. Energy Modelling and Planning
  20. Sustainable energy transport systems


The Center offers consultancy in  Design of Solar Systems (PV & Thermal), Energy Auditing, Energy Efficiency Plan, Carbon Credit, Green Building Analysis, Energy storage Systems, Environmental Audit, Design of ETP, Human resource Development etc.

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