19 Years of Excellence

Uttaranchal University Centre For Innovation, Incubation And Entrepreneurship

……..…. initiating, nurturing and supporting Uttaranchal University Students’ Start Up Dreams

Uttaranchal University aspires to inspire and support new generation founders and entrepreneurs by providing them with resources that are otherwise not easily accessible. Guided by this intent, Uttaranchal University has established ‘Uttaranchal University Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship’. The Centre aims to encourage students to generate innovative ideas leading to the establishment of their own start-ups. Through the Centre, the University intends to provide financial aid to business plans. The Centre also comprises of newly established ‘Incubation Centre’. The Centre houses separate workplaces intended for office establishment of the selected Start-up Companies thus helping the Start-ups to focus their time & energy on creating, evolving and testing their products.

08 Start-up Projects initiated by students from different constituent colleges are being nurtured under the supervision of the faculty and are being funded by the University.

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