Research & Development – Overview

Supporting the education and research mission of the University through advancement of basic and applied research and building research enterprises, our team of dedicated researchers work diligently to create an environment that encourages the pursuit of scholarly activities and research and development. As an ongoing research and development process we ensure fostering of collaborative environment and promotion of innovation and creativity. It is our mission to inculcate leadership in fundamental research and function as learning resource center. Support faculty and other scholars in pursuing world-class research.

It is also our purpose to chalk-out a road-map for making the university a national resource centre for national bodies, statutory apex councils in programme designing in terms of optimum time, course curriculum, student’s eligibility for admission and sustainability.

We are fostering close links with industry in order to make the teaching, research and training at the university relevant to the needs of the economy at national and global levels.

We are constantly updating our libraries, laboratories and other teaching facilities to the latest technical standards and maintaining their position as a place for interaction between the different components of the university.

We are working out to establish a clear research strategy that would define research priorities and channel research activities to serve national purposes, while focusing on applied and advanced educational research to serve the society.

rdThe University would also undertake the development of consortium for consultancy services in education, training, management, engineering projects, construction, designs and research etc. for revenue generation with the help of available multi-disciplinary group of teaching faculty.

Proposed Research Projects

Our researchers propose to undertake the study of the Ferrites for Microwave applications, and under these materials, highlight their magnetic and microwave absorber properties and the experimental calculations of pristine contribution on the various properties.

They would also be working in the field of magnetic shielding, solar cell and renewable energy

University Research Cell Head
Dr. S.P Gairola