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Research Papers – UIM

S.No.Title  of Research PaperName of Journal/ PublisherLevel of Journal/ Conference/ Activity (National/ International)Vol./ Issue No. of Publication/ Page NoYearISSN/ ISBNImpact FactorNo. of CitationsListed in which International Database (For e.g., Web of Science, Scopus, Humanities, International Complete, Dare Database, International Social Sciences Directory, EBSCO host, etc.)Faculty
1The Perceived impact of downsizingon Survivors: An Empirical StudyInternational Journal of Academic ResearchInternationalVol.3, Issue-3(2)2016ISSN: 2348-76663.075NoDr Babita Rawat
2Perptual Mapping of ICT in Higher EducationUttaranchal Business ReviewNationalVol. 5, No. 1,pp. 121-129June, 2017ISSN-2277-1816UGC ListedDr. SONAL SHARMA
3Issues in Modeling ETL for Agricultural DomainUttaranchal Business ReviewNationalVol. 4, No. 1,pp. 121-129June, 2014ISSN-2277-18163UGC ListedDr. SONAL SHARMA
4Analysis of Labour Welfare Schemes and Its Impact on Job Satisfaction: An
Empirical Study
Management ConvergenceInternationalVol-7,Issue 2June, 2016ISSN No. 0976-5492NoDr Babita Rawat
5Conceptual and Logical Models for Performing Extraction, Transformation and Loading Process in a Data WarehouseInternational Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied SciencesInternationalVol 5, Issue 6, pp. 243-247June, 2015ISSN(o): 2249-3905, ISSN(p): 2349-65255.9811N/ADr. SONAL SHARMA
6Employees Relationship Management Practices and its impact on Employee Job Satisfaction and Intention to Quit:An Empirical StudyNational Journal Uttaranchal Business ReviewNationalVol-7,Issue 1June , 2017ISSN 2277-1816NoDr Babita Rawat
7Employee attitude towards motivational practices: An empirical studyGlobal Management Review Sona School of Management, Selam Tamil NaduInternationalVol.9, Issue 2Feb, 2015ISSN 0973-9947NoDr Babita Rawat
8Modeling ETL Process in Data warehouse: An Exploratory StudyIEEE XploreInternationalpp. 271 – 276Feb, 2014INSPEC Accession Number:
9Outlier Detection in Agriculture Domain: Application and Techniques Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing / SPRINGERInternationalVol: 654Dec, 2015 Print ISBN
978-981-10-6619-1        Online ISBN
10The Quality Of Work Life and its Relationship with Employees Performance: A Study on Some Selected Educational Institute of DehradunNational Journal Uttaranchal Business ReviewNationalVol-3 , Issue 2Dec, 2013ISSN 2277-1816NoDr Babita Rawat
11Enhancing Business Intelligence Using Data Warehousing: A Multi – Case AnalysisInternational Journal of Advance Research in Computer Sciences and Management StudiesInternationalVol 1 Issue 7,pp. 160-167Dec, 2013ISSN (o)2321 – 77825.474UGC Listed, Directory of ScienceDr. SONAL SHARMA
12Emotional Intelligence and its relationship with Job Performance: An Empirical StudyInternational Journal Asia Pacific Journal Of Marketing & Management ResearchInternationalVol.3  ,Issue8Aug, 2014ISSN 2319-2836NoDr Babita Rawat
13HR Practices and its relationship with employees’ intention of job switching using logistic regressionSplint International Journal of Professionals, BhubaneswarInternationalVol-2,Issue 4April, 2015ISSN:2349-6045NoDr Babita Rawat
14A study of impression management techniques applied by academicians in select educational institutions of DehradunUttaranchal Business ReviewInternationalVol.7 Issue.1 Page 9-202017/6Bipin Kandpal
15A critical study of cloud computing services and their threats to BusinessUttaranchal Business ReviewInternational2013/6Bipin Kandpal
16Librarians attitude towards marketing of library services in the libraries of professional institutions: An Empirical StudyUttaranchal Business ReviewNationalvol-4, issue-1, June 20141-      ISSN-2277-1816Shivangi Sharma
17Relationship Management and its Impact on Customer Satisfaction in Hotel IndustryUTTARANCHAL BUSINESS REVIEWUGC
Recommended Journals (D.O. No. F. 1-2/2016 (PS)
 VOL-7 ISSUE 1  Page No.121####ISSN 2277-1816Shailesh Chamola
18GIS IN M-Governance : Different Emerging TreandsInternational Journal of Research Fellow for EngineeringInternational4/3/34-38####2320-73960.3N/AN/AABHISHEK KUMAR PATHAK
19Insight into the consequences of brand extension: An exploration through literatureUttaranchal Business ReviewNationalvol-4, issue-2####1-      ISSN-2277-1816Shivangi Sharma
20Impact of Goods and Services Tax on the Restaurants and Food Service Businesses in IndiaInternational Journal of Applied Business and Economic ResearchInternationalVol.1620180972-7302accepted to be publishedlisted JEL by American Economic Association (AEA), Index Copernicus, SCOPUS, Elsevier’s bibliographic database, CAP International, Indian Sciences Abstract and Indian Citation Index (ICI)Dr. Sidheswar Patra
21Impact of Promise and Delivery Gap on Post Purchase Behavior of E-CustomerInternational2017accepted to be publishedScopusDr. Sidheswar Patra
22A study on variability in the Decision-making styles of Indian Corporate Executives – Public and Private sectors in Present EraInternational Journal of Economic PerspectivesInternationalVol.11 (3)20171307-16370ScopusDr. Sidheswar Patra
23Study on Product Positioning Efforts of Multinational Fast Food Chain in India – An ExplorationAsian Journal of Research in Business Economics and mnagementInternationalVol. 7 (7)20172249-7307Indian Citation IndexDr. Sidheswar Patra
24Prevalent Advertising Media & Its Role to Build Brand Equity: A ReviewAsian Journal of Research in Business Economics and mnagementInternationalVol. 7 (7)20172249-7307Indian Citation IndexDr. Sidheswar Patra
25Localization in Fast Food Industry: A Case Study on Mcdonald’s Strategy in IndiaJournal of Arts, Science & CommerceInternationalVol. 8 (3)20172229-4686ProQuest, (UK)
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Dr. Sidheswar Patra
26Celebrity Advertising and Its Role to Brand Equity: A ReviewAsian J. ManagementInternationalVol. 8 (3)20170976-495X (Print) 2321-5763 (Online)Google Scholar, Indian Science Abstract, Pro Quest Central, Gale Group Inc. USA, Indian Citation IndexDr. Sidheswar Patra
27Does Promotion mix Really Help to Enhance Brand Equity: A Literature ReviewIndian Journal of Commerce & Management StudiesInternationalVol. 8 (2)2017224 9 – 0310Ulrich’s Directory, USA
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Dr. Sidheswar Patra
28Existence of Day-of-the-Week Effect in Returns of Some Selected Indices of the Indian Stock MarketINDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN CAPITAL MARKETSInternationalVol. 4 (1)20172394 – 3459Index Copernicus Journals Master List, Index Copernicus International, Poland (IC Value (2015) = 5.16, Google scholarDr. Sidheswar Patra
29Women on Board: A New Corporate Leadership SceneInternational Journal of Management & IT – ANWESHINTERNATIONALVol. 2, No 1, pp. 37-402017ISSN No. 2455-9245.JGATE, ICIDR KIRTI KHANNA
30An Intelligent non Invasive method for diagnosis of CADComplex and Intelligent System,  SpringerInternationalvol 3, issue 22017ISSN: 2198-6053 – –EBSCO, ESCILUXMI
31Status of reproductive health of women in India: A reviewInternational Journal of Advance Research Internationalvol. 5 issue 1020172320-54076.11NAIC IndexedDr.Mamta Bansal
32”Task Performance Analysis in virtual cloud Environment”IJRSIInternationalVolume IV ; Issue VIS2nd2017ISSN: 2321 – 2705,1.694google scholarPooja Gupta
33Elucidative analysis and sequencing of two respiratory health monitoring methods to study the impact of varying atmospheric composition on human healthAtmospheric Environment/ ElsevierInternational171/2017/32-3720171352-23103.6Web of Science, SCIPrabhjot Kaur
34Network Forensic Process Model  and Framework: An Alternative ScenarioAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing/ SpringerInternational624/DOI 10.1007/978-981-10-5903-2_502017978-981-10-5902-5ScopusPrabhjot Kaur
35Interrelationship between Self-efficacy, Gender and the Entrepreneurial Career ChoiceJournal of Entrepreneurship and ManagementInternationalVol. 5 (2)20162277-6850Business Source Complete, Ulrich’s Web, Cabell’s Directory of Publishing OppurtunitiesDr. Sidheswar Patra
36Role of  Machiavellianism in Corporate Environment – An ExplorationUttranchal Business ReviewNationalVol. 6 (1)2016Dr. Sidheswar Patra
37A STUDY ON THE ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN   INVESTORS’ INVESTMENT DECISIONSSplint International Journal of ProfessionalsInternationalVol. 8 (5)20162349-6045Dr. Sidheswar Patra
38A Comparative Study of Work Related Stress among Government and Private College Faculty in Uttarakhand State, IndiaInternational Journal of Business and ManagementINTERNATIONALVolume 4, Issue 52016ISSN 2321–8916ANU SAYAL
39A Data mining Model for Coronary Artery Disease Detection using non-invasive clinical paramaetersIndian Journal of Science and TechnologyInternationalVol 9, Issue 4820160974-68461.63 –Web of science, ScopusLUXMI
40A Hybrid Data Mining Model to predict Coronary Artery Disease cases using non-invaive and clinical dataJournal of Medical Systems, SpringerInternationalVol. 40, Issue 2,20160148-55982.412Web of  science, SCILUXMI
41Hybrid Model for Decision Support System with Data Mining and CBRInternational Journal of Innovations in Engineering and TechnologyInternationalVol. 7, Issue 620162319-10580.67 –ICILUXMI
42GIS in M-governance: Different Emerging TrendsInternational Journal of Research Fellow for EngineeringInternational4 (3)20162301-3796Nitin Duklan
43“e-Service Quality (e-SQ): A Review of Experiences of e-Service Users”pp 36-50GE- International Journal of Management Research(GE-IJMR)InternationalVol.4 Issue1 January2016 ISSN (online)2321-1709IMPACT FACTOR-5.779Peer Reviewed International Journal-Ulrichch’s Directories,Cabell’s Directories,Swedish Scientific publications, ResearchGate ,Thomas Reuters,Google Scholar, World Catologue of Scientific Journal,Scholarstreet, International Scientific Indexing, ASI-Advanced Science Index,Prize ShareDr SM Mariyam Fatima
44AGRETL: Tool for ETL ActivitiesIEEE XploreInternational2016Electronic ISBN: 978-9-3805-4421-2 DVD ISBN: 978-9-3805-4420-5
Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN: 978-1-4673-9417-8
45Harmony – The soul of organisations.GALAXY International Interdisciplinary Research JournalInternational3 (1), 17-3120152347-6915 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
46A study on the impact of merchandising of cosmetics or beauty products on consumer buying behaviour.Splint International Journal of ProfessionalsInternational2 (3)20152349-6045 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
47Employee attitude towards motivational practices: an empirical study.Global Management Research – A bi-annual Journal of Sona School of ManagementInternational 1-1720150973-9947 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
48HR practices and its relationship with employees’ intention of job switching using logistic regression: An empirical study.Splint International Journal of ManagementInternational2 (4)20152349-6045 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
49Application of line-balancing to minimize the idle time of workstations in the production line with special reference to automobile industry.International Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences ResearchInternational4 (7), 8-1220152319-4413 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
50Performance Management through People International Journal of Management and Social Sciences ResearchInternational58-6720152319-4421 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
51Customers Preferences of Product Attribute of Mobile Phone Handsets: A Descriptive Study.International Journal of Emerging Research in Management &TechnologyInternational4 (7), 246-25020152278-9359 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
52Attitude of Faculty Members towards Faculty Development Programs and their Perceived Outcomes.Pacific Business Review InternationalInternational8 (2), 21-3020150974-438X Prof. D. S. Chaubey
53Human resource audit system for evaluating employees performance.International Journal of Research in Economics and Social SciencesInternational5 (8), 1-920152249-7382 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
54Analysis of public debt management practices and its relative impact on Indian banks.Splint International Journal of ProfessionalsInternational2 (8)20152349-6045 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
55Product positioning through advertisement: A study of LIC products.ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management ResearchInternational 5 (9), 63-7620152249- 8826 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
56Emerging marketing techniques – An expression of corporate consciousness.Midas Touch International Journal of Commerce, Management and TechnologyInternational3 (8/9), 1-820152320 -7787 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
57Advertising: Is it a necessary evil or a flawed blessing?International Journal of Research in Finance and MarketingInternational5 (10), 10-23.20152231-5985 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
58A study on the post-liberalization progression of IPRs in IndiaUttranchal Business ReviewNationalVol. 5 (2)20152277 1816Dr. Sidheswar Patra
59An Exploration of the Legal Provisions to Safeguard the Victims Against the Preventive Detention in IndiaINDIAN JOURNAL OF LEGAL PHILOSOPHYNationalVol. 3 (4)20152347- 4963Dr. Sidheswar Patra
60Victimisation of Children in Armed Conflicts and the Challenges for the Legal System WorldwideInternational Journal in Management and Social ScienceInternationalVol. 3 (7)20152321-17844.352Google scholarDr. Sidheswar Patra
61Application of Line-balancing to Minimize the Idle Time of Workstations in the Production Line with Special Reference to Automobile IndustryInternational Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences ResearchInternationalVol. 4 (7)20152319-44135.9133Google scholarDr. Sidheswar Patra
62A study of Different Classfication Model for Knowledge DiscoveryInternal Jounral of Computer Science and Mobile ComputingInternationalVol.4, Issue 620152320088X4.42 –ISILUXMI
63Genotoxic evaluation of insecticides on Internal transcribed spacer-2 (ITS 2) DNA in  Culex quinquefasciatus by Polymerase Chain Reaction technique.International Journal Of Innovative Science, Engineering and TechnologyInternationalVol 2, Issue920152348-79685.26NAUGC approvedDr.Mamta Bansal
64“Capturing Ephemeral Evidence Using Live Forensics”(IOSR-JECE),InternationalVolume-12015e-ISSN: 2278-2834,p- ISSN: 2278-8735,1.2Pooja Gupta
65Role of Sensitivity Training and its impact on Organization Behavior in a World of Cascading Demographic Divide.Midas Touch International Journal of Commerce, Management and TechnologyInternational2 (7), 1-1220142320-7787 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
66Gap Analysis of Retail Banking strategies of a nationalized bank from customer prospective: An empirical study.GALAXY International Interdisciplinary Research JournalInternational2 (7), 32-4720142347-6915 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
67Perceptual Mapping of students for engagement in class: An empirical study of student apathy towards higher education.International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics and ManagementInternational4 (10), 1-820142231-4245 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
68Emotional Intelligence and its relationship with Job Performance: An empirical study.Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Management Research, 3 (8).International3 (8), 47-5920142319-2836 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
69Factors Influencing Industrial Performance: An empirical study with special reference to the MSMEs of Uttarakhand State. International Journal of Management and TourismInternational22 (1),  12-2820141513-6485 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
70Ethical consideration in human resource management: A study of some selected service organisations in Dehradun.International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social SciencesInternational3 (11), 156-17320142278-6236 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
71Self performance appraisal and its effectiveness in performance management: An empirical study in Saudi Arabia.Management ConvergenceInternational5 (1/2), 60-7220140976-5492 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
72Developing managerial competence through leadership on the job.Management ConvergenceInternational5 (1/2), 31-3920140976-5492 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
73Building lasting relationship through networks.Ge-International Journal of Management ResearchInternational2 (12), 9-2220142321-1709 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
74Consumer attitude and perception toward brands of edible oil: An empirical study.International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT and ManagementInternational4 (10), 8-1320142231-5756 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
75Relationship Between Advertising and Brand Equity: A Study Using Structural Equation Modeling.VedaangNational 5 (1), 7-1620140975-7961 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
76An Empirical Study on Customer Experience and Its Relationship with Customer Satisfaction.VedaangNational 5 (1), 37-4920140975-7961 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
77Integration of Indian stock market with major global markets viz UK and USACPJ GLOBAL REVIEWINDIANVol. VI, Number 1, pp. 144-1482014ISSN No. 0975-1874DR KIRTI KHANNA
78A Pragmatic Study of Budget Announcements & Stock Market Performance: India, US & UK PanoramaVSRD International Journal of Business and Management ResearchINTERNATIONALVol. IV, Issue II, pp. 35 – 382014ISSN: 2319-2194.4.75ICI, JGATEDR KIRTI KHANNA
79Pesticides damage chromosomes: A genotoxic evaluation on Anopheles stephensi by applying polytene chromosome assay.  International Journal for Pharmacy Biology and Medical SciencesInternationalVol 3 Issue 620142319-30260.5NAEmbase, Hinari accessed, UGC approvedDr.Mamta Bansal
80“Comparing Forensic Analysis Methods: A Roadmap to Cost-Effective Forensic Investigation”(IJETCSE),InternationalVolume 11 Issue 120140976-13531.012Pooja Gupta
81A Study on Efficient Market Hypothesis Before Recession: An Empirical Testing Through  Random Investing.ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary ResearchInternational3 (4), 182-19320132231-5780 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
82Network Marketing – A Tool of Feed-Forward Control In The Age of Transparency.ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management ResearchInternational3 (8), 146-15420132249-8826 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
83Impact of industrial policy on firm performance of Uttarakhand: An empirical study.ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management ResearchInternational3 (1), 117-13220132249-8826 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
84Consumer sensitivity towards pricing of cosmetic products: An empirical study..International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT & ManagementInternational3 (2), 67-7320132231-5756 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
85Measuring employees turnover intention: An empirical study.ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management ResearchInternational3 (7), 12-2220132249-8826 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
86Consumer behavior towards celebrity endorsement of products and services.International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics and ManagementInternational4 (6), 10-1620130976-2183 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
87Identifying factors affecting job satisfaction of female employees working  in services sector with specific reference to BPO.ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management ResearchInternational3 (6), 20-2920132249-8826 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
88An empirical study of various factors influencing investors in favour of different financial instruments.ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management ResearchInternational3 (12), 37-4720132249-8826 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
89Analysis of motives influencing investors in favour of different financial instruments: An empirical study.Management ConvergenceInternational4 (1), 19-2720130976-5492 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
90Measuring the effectiveness of online advertisement in recalling a product: An empirical study.Management ConvergenceInternational4 (2)20130976-5492 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
91The impact of Social networking to facilitate the effectiveness of green marketing: An empirical study.International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics and ManagementInternational3 (2), 52-6020132231-4245 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
92A pre-rescission comparative study on employees productivity and cost in Indian banking industry.VedaangNational4 (1), 16-262013 0975-7961 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
93Talent management practices and its relationship with  employees turnover: a study on employees working in insurance sector industries in Uttarakhand: An empirical study.VedaangNational4 (1), 64-722013 0975-7961 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
94Advertising and its impact on  brand equity: a study of consumers of garhwal region of Uttrakhand State.Journal of Sherwood College of ManagementNational2 (2), 123-13720130973-5550 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
95Effect of ISO 9000 & TS16949 Quality Management Systems on  Firms Performance – A Comparative Study.IMS PragyanNational11 (1), 26-3320130974-5505 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
96 An empirical study of customer experience and its relationship with customer satisfaction towards the services of banking sector.Journal of Marketing & CommunicationInternational9 (3), 18-2720130973-2330 Prof. D. S. Chaubey
97Factors influencing Industrial Performance: An empirical study with special reference to the MSMEs of Uttarakhand StateINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND TOURISMInternationalVol. 16 (1)2013#####Dr. Sidheswar Patra
98An exploratory investigation on FDI in IndiaUTTARANCHAL BUSINESS REVIEWINTERNATIONALVOL. 3 ISSUE 1 pp.149-16120132277-1816N/AA.K.S. CHAUHAN
99Fuzzy set theory and its application for interpretation of damage caused by earthquakes depending on the magnitude and epicenter distanceJournal of Emerging Technology and Advanced EngineeringINTERNATIONALVolume 3, Issue 9,2013ISSN 2250-24591ANU SAYAL
100Stock Market Volatility Dynamics & Results Announcements: A Causal Link (A Study of India)Indian Journal of Applied ResearchINDIAN3(7), pp. 126 – 12820134.89J GATE, ICI, COPERNICUSDR KIRTI KHANNA
101A critical Study of A  critical    Study  of
Cloud  Computing  Services  and  their  Threats  to  Business
UBRInternational12520132277 18160ugcSAMEER DEV SHARMA
102Role of green marketing to bring sustainability in terms of Environment and socio-economic conditions”pp 51-68Asian Academic Research Journal of Social science & Humanities, AARJSHInternational vol. 1 issue 8, february 20132013Online ISSN : 2278 – 859X Impact Factors:  ISI – 0.911 ;ISRA – 2.015Peer Reviewed International Journal and UGC Approved International Journal- Google ScholarDr SM Mariyam Fatima
104Fast food consumption behaviour of urban indians-An empricial studyUTTARANCHAL BUSINESS REVIEWINTERNATIONALVOL. 1 ISSUE 1 pp.108-11720112277-1816N/AA.K.S. CHAUHAN
105Evaluation of genotoxicity of acetamiprid using PCR technique on mosquito genomeJournal of Applied and Natural ScienceNationalVol 3 Issue 220112231-5209NAThompson Reuters(Web of Science) EBSCO, UGC approvedDr.Mamta Bansal
106Evaluation of mutagenic potential of acetamiprid by dominant lethal test on Culex qinquefasciatusJournal of Applied and Natural ScienceNationalVol 3 Issue 320112231-5210NAThompson Reuters(Web of Science) EBSCO, UGC approvedDr.Mamta Bansal
107Molecular approach to evaluate the genotoxicity of glyphosate (Roundup) using mosquito genomeJournal of Applied and Natural ScienceNationalVol 2 Issue 120112231-5211NAThompson Reuters(Web of Science) EBSCO, UGC approvedDr.Mamta Bansal
108RAPD-PCR based genomic characterization of two populations of Culex quinquefasciatus  (Culicidae: Diptera).Journal of Applied and Natural ScienceNationalVol 1 Issue 220112231-5212NAThompson Reuters(Web of Science) EBSCO, UGC approvedDr.Mamta Bansal
109Motivation to Insurance Advisors of ICICI Prudential Life insurance company (A research conducted at Main Branch, Shimla)SAARANSH RKG JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENTINERNATIONALVOL. 2 NO.1 pp.79-8520100975-4601N/AA.K.S. CHAUHAN
110Customers expectation and Perception of Hotel Service QualityMARKETING ZEPHYR-A Journal of MarketingINERNATIONALVOL 3 NO. 1 pp.8-1320100974-9195N/AA.K.S. CHAUHAN
111Financial Viability of solar photovoltaic system: A case studyInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (Scopus Indexed)InternationalAccepted for November Issue0.42ScopusHimani Maheshwari
112Carbon Footprint of Bricks Production in Fixed Chimney Bull’s Trench Kilns in IndiaIndian Journal of Science and TechnologyInternationalVol 10, Issue 160974-68461.63Web of ScienceHimani Maheshwari
113Tool for the estimation of carbon footprint from residential activitiesInternational Journal of Ecology and DevelopmentInternationalVol. 32, Issue 3,0973-9984ScopusHimani Maheshwari
114Environmental impact assessment of shift in river with the help of geographic information systemInternational Journal of Current Science and TechnologyInternationalVol. 5, Issue 22320-80900.987InternationalHimani Maheshwari
115Economic Analysis of Solar Water Heating System at IIT Roorkee CampusInternal Journal of Current ResearchInternationalVol.9, Issue 50975-833X0.75InternationalHimani Maheshwari
116Trends of Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint in India,International Journal of Applied Environmental and ScienceInternationalVol. 5, Issue 10973-60770.08ScopusHimani Maheshwari
117An analysis of odd even road rationing scheme in DelhiInternational Journal of Current Science and TechnologyInternationalVol. 5, Issue 12320-80900.987InternationalHimani Maheshwari
118Methodology to find direct and indirect Carbon Footprint of Cement Production Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits (JoEEC)InternationalVol. 4, Issue 1, pp.13-21InternationalHimani Maheshwari
1194 G The Network of New EraICNCIiNTERNATIONAL2689781-61284-239-40ieeeSAMEER DEV SHARMA
120Empowers Techno Socio DevelopmentTSPC 2011NATIONAL2199380697-75-9IEEESAMEER DEV SHARMA
S. NO.Title  of Research PaperTitle of Conference / SeminarLevelDate of Conference/ SeminarYearName of OrganizerPlaceFaculty
1Modeling Cultural Dimensions for Entrepreneurial IntentionDevelopment of Micro and Small Women Entrepreneurs in IndiaNational23rd -24th June2017 Vidya College of Engineering, MeerutMeerutDr. Sidheswar Patra
2Technological Innovation: A Managerial Challenge for the Institutions of Higher EducationLATMAS2016International20th February2016IIMT College of Engineering (Department of Computer Science)Greator NOIDADr. Sidheswar Patra
3Impact of Self efficacy on the Entrepreneurial Intention: A Behavioural Study of Women in UttarakhandWomen Entrepreneurship in India: Issues and ChallengesNational13th Feb2016Omkarananda Institute of Management and TechnologyRishikeshDr. Sidheswar Patra
4Role of M-Governance in Digital India2nd National Conference on Recent Advancee in Scince and Technology (NCRAST-2016)National30-Aug-162016Seemant Institute of TechnologyPithoragarh UttarakhandABHISHEK KUMAR PATHAK
5Application of Mobile Engineering in M-Governance2nd National Conference on Recent Advancee in Scince and Technology (NCRAST-2016)National30-Aug-162016Seemant Institute of TechnologyPithoragarh UttarakhandABHISHEK KUMAR PATHAK
6A Contagious Effect of Crisis on Stock Market – A Study of Indian PerspectiveMantra for 21st Century Managers: Initiate Innovate and IntegrateNATIONL27 FEB, 20162016DELHI INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIESDELHIDR KIRTI KHANNA
7Role of M-Governance in Digital India2nd National Conference on Recent Advancee in Scince and Technology (NCRAST-2016)National426122016Seemant Institute of TechnologyPithoragarh UttarakhandNitin Duklan
8Democracy and Corruption: Indian EvidencesDemocracy and Social IssuesNational16-17 October2015HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar UttarakhandHNB Garhwal University, Srinagar UttarakhandProf. D. S. Chaubey
9Consumer buying behavior in Branded Kid ApprealInternational conference on ManagementInternational21st June2015Society of Technical and Management Professional Haridwar UttarakhandProf. D. S. Chaubey
10Management of Change : The Emerging Challenges Before Human Resource ManagersChallenges for ManagersNational27th – 28th February2015Jai Narain Vyas University, JodhpurProf. D. S. Chaubey
11Democracy and Corruption: Indian EvidencesPrevention of Corruption from India: Challenges Aheadnationaloctober2015HNB Garhwar Central UniversitySrinagar, UttarakhandDr. Sidheswar Patra
12Ethical Convictions Reflected in Investors’ investment DecisionsBusiness Mantras: An insight into emerging issues of Indian Economynational10th-11th April 20152015SGRRITS, DehradunDehradunDr. Sidheswar Patra
13Ergonomics: Emerging Trends & Challenges in ManagementEmerging trends & Challenges in Managementnational27th-28th February2015Jai Narain Vyas UniversityJodhpurDr. Sidheswar Patra
14Talent Management Strategies of Insurance Companies for Reducing Employee TurnoverEvolution and Evaluation: Training Techniques, Tools and Methodsnational6th-7th February2015COER School of ManagementRoorkeeDr. Sidheswar Patra
15Ergonomics: Emerging Trends & Challenges in ManagementEmerging trends and challenges in managementNational27 Feb & 28 Feb 20152015UGC National conferenceJai Narain vyas university, JodhpurProf.Shishupal Singh Bhadu , Dr Babita Rawat
16Global Warming Indian Estimates of Greenhouse Gas emissions from different SectorsIDRIMOctober 2-32015TIFACNew DelhiHimani Maheshwari
17Classification of search engine optimization techniques: A data mining approach4th International Conference on System Modeling & Advancement in Research Trends (SMART)International423282015Teerthanker Mahaveer University,MoradabadNitin Duklan
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