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Research Papers – UIPS

S NoTitle  of Research PaperTitle of Conference LevelDate of ConferenceYearName of OrganizerPlacePage No. in ProceedingsIndexed with (For eg. Scopus, IEEE, etc.)Name/s of Author/Authors
1Design, Development and Evaluation of nanoemulsion based formulation of Fluconazole10th UCOSTNational10-12 Feb2016UCOSTDehradunJyotsana Suyal
2Formulation and Evaluation of Nano Structured Lipid Carriers of Naltrexone Hydrochloride10th UCOSTNational10-12 Feb2016UCOSTDehradun262Jyotsana Suyal
3Development and Evaluation of Nanoemulsion Based Formulation of FluconazoleGlobal Trends in Health and EnvironmentInternational3-Feb2016GIPERKashipur25Jyotsana Suyal
4Design and Evaluation of Fluconazole Nanoemulsion For Improving Antifungal TherapyPerspectives On Research In Science and HealthcareNational29-30 Feb2016SBSDehradunJyotsana Suyal
5Preparation and Evaluation of NLC of Naltrexone HydrochloridePerspectives On Research In Science and HealthcareNational29-30 Feb2016SBSDehradun14Jyotsana Suyal
Ethnomedicinal uses of Pteridophytes of Garhwal Region, Uttarakhand.National Conference on Entrepreneurial Academic Relationship in Pharmaceutical ResearchNational2nd May2015Shobit University, GangohGangohAmit Semwal
Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Some Pteridophytes17th Annual Convention of Society of Pharmacognosy and Internationl Symposium on Frontiers in Herbal Cosmetics and NutraceuticalsInternational22-23 Feb2013GIS InstituteDehradunAmit Semwal