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“I believe that the science of chemistry alone, almost proves the existence of an intelligent creator.” -Thomas A. Edison

Resonance, The Chemistry Club of School of Applied & Life Sciences, Uttaranchal University organized a fascinating Model Making Competition for the enthusiastic students on 22nd of October, on the occasion of the National Chemistry Week- 2021.

The inauguration of the event was graced by the Hon’ble Vice- Chancellor, Prof (Dr) Dharam Bhuddhi, the Dean-SALS, Prof (Dr) Ajay Singh, Dean-SOA, Prof (Dr) Mahaveer Singh, Dean-UIPS Prof (Dr) Jakhmola, Prof (Dr) Bharti Ramola and Prof (Dr) Poonam Negi.

The theme of that the event circumscribed was the Aspects of Stereochemistry. The students prepared structural representations of many compounds and processes. In addition to this preparation and presentation of the models, their working was further explained to the dignified judges, distinguished guests and all the worthy attendees who graced the event with their benign presence.

The event was organized under the guidance of Prof (Dr) Poonam Negi, who was actively coordinated by Prof (Dr) Bharti Ramola, Mr Shivam Pandey, Dr Waseem Ahmad, Dr Nidhi Sharma and Dr Sadhna Awasthi. Furthermore, the final year students of M Sc Chemistry assisted the teachers and the other participants and students, along with the graceful decoration and management of the entire event. The entire team, with their diligence and hard-work made the event a commemorating success.

The students who made their mark and announced as winners were:

1st Prize: Ananya Bisht & Nandini Sharma

2nd Prize: Ankit Joshi & Sumit Bhatt

3rd Prize: Gaurav Gaur & Harshita Rautela

1st Consolation Prize: Rituraj & Anamika

2nd Consolation Prize: Shefali Pundeer & Nandita

The entire event was immensely relished by a number of students from various departments of the university, along with honored faculty members. To name a few, Prof (Dr) V KSrivastava, Dr Nishesh Sharma, Dr Amit Anthwal, Mr. Ankit, Ms Sukhdeep and Dr Mamta Bisht attended the event and dignified the wholesome session with their presence.

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