School of Agriculture (SOA) celebrated World Food Day on 19 October 2021

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School of Agriculture (SOA) celebrated World Food Day on 19 October 2021 under the aegis of Cultural & Events Committee, SOA. The event has been organised with the aim to enhance the awareness among the students about the advanced technologies that could be incorporated in food production; conservation of food resources; and the methods through which one can improve the nutritional quality of food and minimize wastage.

Hon’ble Chancellor, Uttaranchal University Shri Jitender Joshi was the Chief Guest of the event, accompanied by Prof (Dr) Dharam Buddhi, Hon’ble Vice-chancellor of the University and Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna, Hon’ble Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University. Deans, HoDs, faculty members and students of different Faculties/Schools/Departments of the university witnessed the event.

The event started with the formal inauguration by a ribbon-cutting by Hon’ble Chancellor, later lamp lighting, and then felicitation of the guests of the day by Prof (Dr) M P Singh, Dean, SOA. There were “Food Making and Presentation Competition” under the theme of ‘Cooking with Company’ and “Model Making Competition” under the theme of ‘Food Production/Processing/Marketing’. Students participated in both the activities with zeal and enthusiasm. All the guests of the day were amazed at the presentation of the students. Judges of the event were Prof (Dr) Ajay Singh, Dean SALS, Prof (Dr) Bharti Ramola, SALS, Dr S K Shah, Dean UCP, Mr Abhishek Pathak, Assistant Professor, UIM, Ms Bharti, Assistant Professor, SLA, and Mr Sanjeev Joshi, Associate Professor & HoD, Mechanical, UIT. The winner of the “Food Making and Presentation Competition” was Ritika and her team and the Runner-up was Anamika and her team, respectively. In the “Model Making Competition” the Winner was Akash Chauhan and his team on ‘Hydroponics’ and Runner-up was Anshika Jugran and her team on ‘Hi-tech Agriculture’, respectively. During the Model exhibition, students explained the principle, technological working efficiency, and possible application in the real sense in the field of their models to the guests and judges. The day witnessed the talent of students in cooking as well as in model making. The event was quite successful. The trophies and certificates were awarded to all winners of the events by the Hon’ble Chancellor of the University. He motivated all the participants for their efforts and considered them as comparable to the winners. He appreciated the effort of everyone and persuaded them to carry out such events more in the future.

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