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Uttaranchal University has set the benchmark for conducting activities in such a way that the students not only enjoy but also learn a great deal from it. With the same perspective in view, Zenith… The Literary Club, School of Liberal Arts organized a drama competition on the 23rd of April, 2022, on the occasion of International English Language Day, commemorating the death as well as birth anniversary of William Shakespeare- ‘The Bard of Avon’. The whole event was organized by the students of SLA.

Keeping with the importance of the day, the theme was Shakespearean Plays.  Four teams from the entire University presented four of the greatest plays of Shakespeare, As You Like It, Romeo and JulietOthello, and The Merchant of Venice having been allotted 25 minutes each. The event began with a tribute to the great playwright Shakespeare. Prof (Dr) Shravan Kumar elaborated on the significance of English Language Day and reiterated to do something significant with all our regional languages. Each team displayed a phenomenal performance. The sensitivity with which each of the characters was portrayed was indeed commendable. Team 4 presenting ‘Merchant of Venice’, did an excellent job with all the characters especially ‘Shylock’, who won the award for the best actor. The play was an interesting mix of Shylock’s despair and some classic comedic references. With really tough competition, Team 4 carried off the title of Runners-up in best overall performance. Team 3 presenting ‘Othello’ definitely did justice to the actual play especially the menacing character of Iago which was notoriously hard to pull off. Their remarkable acting skills combined with some sound and lighting effects made the play stand out and they ended up winning the overall competition as well as the ‘Best Narrator’.

Prof (Dr) Dharam Budhhi congratulated all the participants and suggested going with roots and imbibing the cultural aspects of their own regional languages.  and with Shri Jitender Joshi, Chancellor of the university appreciated the talent of the students as well as the organizing team, team SLA and offered cash rewards to motivate them for future endeavours. Dr Shravan Kumar also congratulated the team Zenith and blessed the students with his motivational words. The program ended with a vote of thanks by Samridhdi Kandpal, the president of the Literary Club who also won the Best Volunteer Award.

Many dignitaries graced the occasion, including Hon’ble Chancellor of the university, Shri Jitender Joshi, Vice-Chancellor, Prof (Dr) Dharam Buddhi, Pro Vice-Chancellor,  Prof (Dr)Rajesh Bahuguna, Director SA&IT, Prof (Dr) Abhishek Joshi, Dr M P Singh, Dean SOA, Dr Anita Gehlot, Dr Rajesh Singh, Dean, R & I along with Prof (Dr) Shravan Kumar, Dean, SLA. The program was coordinated meticulously by Dr Pinki Chugh, coordinator of the Literary Club.

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