School of Liberal Arts celebrates ‘World Water Day’

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“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” -Benjamin Franklin

As an initiative to enhance extension activities, School of Liberal Arts celebrated ‘World Water Day’ and initiated a step to raise awareness in the rural and slum areas. Students of Liberal Arts organized a rally with an objective to evoke a sense of responsibility on water conservation. The students participated in the initiative with great enthusiasm and through posters and slogan chanting aimed to make the people comprehend importance of water resources, identify the presently deteriorating level of water and the ways to conserve it and ensure a secured future for the upcoming generation.

The students headed to a slum, at a short distance from the college premises, where the speaker of the session, Pawan Singh Rawat (B.A. Semester IV), gathered the attention of slum dwellers and acquainted them with the value of water resources and the repercussions of its misuse. The faculty members also accompanied the students. The colourful and attractive posters gained the interest of the people and were successful in spreading awareness regarding water and its conservation. After the visit, the students continued the rally within the college campus wherein they enthusiastically chanted aloud the slogans on water conservation. The event was successfully coordinated by Dr. Reeta Rautela under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Shriya Goyal, Dean- SLA. The rally within the campus was followed by a short photography session with Hon’ble Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the University who appreciated the consciousness raising efforts of School of Liberal Arts. This was a great conclusion to the entire event. All the participants relished the whole experience and were happy to have successfully concluded a wholesome initiative.

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