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The Induction Program serves as a strong foundation for not only the students who enter higher education but for mentors and teaching faculties as well who choose teaching as a profession and get associated with any organization for beginning their long journey ahead in educating young minds. The School of Liberal Arts organized an Induction Program on 25 July 2022 for the new members of faculty who joined the department recently. The event was compered by Dr Anubhuti Dhyani. It started with the welcome speech by Dr Reeta Rautela, HoD, School of Liberal Arts. Dr Rautela briefed about the university, dignitaries of the university, and the code of conduct that one should follow in the university premises. Further, the event was preceded by Dr Pinki Chugh who talked about the history of the School of Liberal Arts. Moreover, there was a demonstration of various activities that are organised by the various clubs like Cultural Club, Literary Club, and Reading Club and various cells like Psychological Counselling Cell and Women Cell of School of Liberal Arts which are the sole responsibilities of coordinators of the respective clubs to bring out the best of students and provide them the platform to explore their capabilities and showcase their talent. Mr Komil Kumar, Coordinator, Examination Cell further introduced the functionalities of ERP and the examination cell.

      Prof (Dr) Shravan Kumar, Dean, School of Liberal Arts took over the Dias at the end of the session to address the session wherein he welcomed new members of faculty wholeheartedly. He emphasized on a very important aspect of a work culture which is the behaviour of colleagues. He advised everyone to treat everyone TREAT. Dr Kumar very creatively elaborated the word TREAT with nouns and adjectives with respect to the way we should treat each other. He defined TREAT where T stands for Trust, R for Respect E for Empathy, A for Affable and T for Thankful.  All these elements offer a positive ambiance at a workplace where members of faculty can concentrate on their work and deliver their best. Towards the end of his address, he motivated everyone to strive for the best in each and every work assigned to them. Along with that he also stressed the collaborative efforts for the progress of the department and instilled hope in everyone that the School of Liberal Arts can excel in every aspect. The whole event was coordinated by Dr Reeta Rautela. The attendees attained valuable insights from the session, and it was successfully concluded by an activity to know each other.

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